1. mollag

    printer perfect.

  2. croftj

    What A Perfect Day

    Yesterday started like any other Saturday with the added bonus of the result of the Labour Leadership race to be announced. I had 3 wishes but surely they couldn't all come true: Midday arrived Corbyn landslide announced...... get in there one down 2 to go:) Now the big one and yes that came...
  3. Jaycey

    The perfect gift for that special occasion
  4. L

    Another perfect job from Ben

    Would just like to register my thanks to Ben The Builder, and his team, for an excellent job well done on my house in our absence. The job is perfect and have loads of pics throughout the process to prove it. Quality work at very reasonable prices. Have not found anyone better, or more...
  5. Mojive

    Perfect 1949 Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday:party: to you Dave...hope you have a lovely day:roundgrin hoping you and Shirley are both keeping well:114mf: :474cu: Lots of love Mo xx :Flower:
  6. L

    Perfect property agent

    Hi everyone , I know we are all very cautious about Estate Agents as we have heard so many horror stories, but I would really like to mention a really lovely woman in Antalya city that has been a dream in helping us with everything we have needed in the purchase of our new home. She is English...
  7. Yildez Datca

    My perfect lunch!

    Am sitting on the balcony with an amazing view, having just eaten a cheddar and mayonnaise sarnie on local bread, followed by the first local strawberries and cream, accompanied by a glass of red. Perfection! :roundgrin
  8. S

    The perfect Christmas cake?

    As we are planning a big family get together this year I plan to have a go at making this, this year! Looking at all my cookery books I'm so confused as each one has there own method. My family have a very sweet tooth - have any of you any tips please for the perfect Christmas cake? How do...
  9. D

    How to brew a perfect cup of Turkish tea?

    I am using a caydanlik to brew Turkish tea and the first cup comes out pretty good but next cups after 5 or so minutes after tea continues to brew in the top portion of caydanlik it becomes bitter. What to do? and in general what is the correct way to brew turkish tea
  10. perfect1949

    there is no perfect man

    what do you think , does one exist , dave
  11. gizmo

    The perfect man & woman
  12. suecheshireuk

    The reason perfect Dave 1949 is staying away.

    Sorry, but I just couldnt help posting this. I was talking to Dave last night and he is doing fine, and this morning I saw how much the thread had expanded regarding Daves non posting... so happily reading through, then the " heated" debate started, and it is this sort of thing that has stopped...
  13. SLEEPY

    Perfect 1949 mia ?

    Just wondering where Dave is these days as I have not seen him on line for a while. Hope he is ok.
  14. Y

    looking for the perfect place

    Hello everyone, I am going to be moving to Dalyan soon, that is if I find a home. I have been looking for a while now and cannot find anything. I am a Yoga teacher and holistic therapist and want a home, to live in and host wellbeing retreats there too. 3 beds plus, pool, garden and not too...
  15. Yogi

    A perfect example of Government mismanagement

    This is just fantastic, I doff my cap to this guy. A Well Planned Retirement Outside Bristol Zoo there is a car park for 150 cars and 8 buses. For 25 years it’s parking fees were managed by a very pleasant attendant. The fees were £1.40 for cars and about £7 for buses. Then one day, after 25...
  16. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Perfect 1949

    Here's wishing you have a Happy Birthday today Dave, enjoy your special day. :bigkiss: :pressie:
  17. S

    Vote Perfect 1949-The Perfect Choice

    As self appointed election agents ted and I are throwing our support behind Perfect 1949 as THE choice for king of romance Lets face it do you ladies really wanna end up with some garlic chewing, onion munching, spaghetti covered Continental types? Nor do you want some flash Harry home grown...
  18. A

    Your Ideal Estate Agent, if you could bake the perfect broker

    What would you want and expect from your ideal estate agent? Of course, there's only so much influence even the best agent can have on things like property management. But given the context and environment, what do you need and hope from your salesperson?
  19. A

    perfect prıce perfect house

    My apertment all of the ground flors, big garden, sepret kıtchen, 4 badhroom, 4 bedroom ıts on the new marına rod. ıts dosnt have swıming pool, but you can use other swimıng pool ıts only 3 munit by wolk from my apertment . ıts have all legal documants lıke habıtasion and...
  20. pineapple1

    Just 4u perfect 1949

    Here you are Dave i copied this just for you , xx and anyone else it applys to . And yes i've been there too ..............Diane The bloke's guide to a broken heart -  Love & Health - MSN Him - MSN UK
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