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    Houses- perception

    Following on from another property thread I find it fascinating that how after time your perception/ feel about properties can radically change. I remember distinctly years ago before we had any property in Turkey going on a viewing day with some agents. We were still very wet behind the ears...
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    Test your colour perception

    Give the following link a try. It will take a few minutes to see how well you decipher a sliding colour scale and show your age related score. Color Test - Online Color Challenge | X-Rite good luck!
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    Hopes to change Perception of Turkey

    ISTANBUL - The Associated Press Standing in front of what was the world's largest church for 1,089 years, Jan de Bruyne said that on his sixth visit to Turkey he remained enchanted with the country. However, like many Europeans, he doesn't think Turkey belongs in the European Union. "I've...
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