1. Mushtaq

    85 percent of Turkey’s foreign investors still from West

    Despite increased recent attention to relations with Gulf partners such as Qatar, Turkey remains overwhelmingly dependent on Western sources for foreign direct investment (FDI), according to data from the Central Bank. Data shows that 85 percent of FDI came from the EU, other European countries...
  2. bickern

    home sales take 32.8 percent plunge in 2010

    The number of houses sold in Turkey in 2010 decreased by 32.8 percent over the preceding year, Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) data revealed, representing significant stagnation in the country's real estate market in the given period...
  3. ceemac

    42 percent of women in Turkey face violence, says UN

    42%?? That is a lot! Almost half of Turkey’s women are the victims of physical and sexual violence from their husbands, the United Nations Office in Turkey said Monday. The U.N. released a statement on the occasion of March 8 International Women's Day and said 42 percent of women in Turkey...
  4. shirleyanntr

    Analysts expect Turkish lira to fall 12 percent

    From Hot News Turkey on line. Analysts expect Turkish lira to fall 12 percent The Turkish lira will fall 12 percent, reversing a 17 percent advance during 2007, according to analysts' forecasts reported by Bloomberg on Sunday. Turkey will be one of the emerging countries in which the...
  5. C

    Number Of Tourists Visiting Turkey Increases By 25.80 Percent In January - July

    The number of tourists who visited Turkey between January-July 2005 increased by 25.80 percent and reached 11.7 million, sources said on Monday. Culture & Tourism Ministry stated that the number of tourists who visited Turkey in July 2005 increased by 22.12 percent and reached 3.164 million...
  6. I

    Estate agents percent

    I sold my property a year ago and the estate agent in the U.K. only charged me £450 and they gave me a choice of solicitors which I used in Newcastle for £250. When I think of the work involved in this country and all the red tape. It is much easier in Turkey and it is very easy money to them...
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