1. S

    The Peoples Olympics!!!!!!!!

    London 2012 - 'Olympic family' got 97 per cent of tickets for event - Yahoo! Eurosport UK must make ya proud!!!!!
  2. P

    Other peoples kids - bah humbug!

    I have had to come indoors again, because I cannot, just cannot stand the racket being generated by 2 small children next door. We live in a short road, a good 500 yards from the main road. We all have at least half acre gardens, well screened and about 70% of us are retired. So its quiet -...
  3. Tommie

    Peoples Showering Habits

    Due to the lack of anything else to do, there has been a survey on people's showering habits. It states that some people have a shower which lasts for more than 8 minutes and uses almost as water than if you had a bath! Full report can be read here... Peoples Showering Habits Very enlightening.
  4. Martyn

    Peoples' ages

    I've always been a stats man so I wondered, we have a lot of older members on here, what age group do you fall in to?
  5. K

    Hello Peoples

    Hi everyone Have been looking at the forum for some time now and thought it time I joined! I love Yalikavak
  6. P

    Selling other peoples houses behind their backs!

    Just following on from the now closed thread titlesd 'VILLA FOR SALE YALIKAVAK with PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL & MEDDITEREAN VIEW'. I dont really know the full story behind this but it would appear that the owner of the villas wasnt aware of this person selling these villas/villa. It reminded me of...
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