1. D

    Young Turks.

    Report finds 73 percent of young people in Turkey want to live abroad New research by a German polling company finds that 72.9 percent of young people in Turkey want to live abroad, largely as a result of the economic crisis. The German research firm Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Association...
  2. bickern

    Passenger plane carrying 98 people crashes

    There are fears of mass casualties after a passenger aircraft carrying 98 people crashed into a residential area in the Pakistani city of Karachi. The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) jet, carrying 91 passengers and seven crew members, was on its final approach to Karachi airport when it...
  3. yalimart

    Happy Smiley People

    So down at the bottom are the soulless, humourless miseries from London and Belfast, whilst up at the Top end are 4 of the great northern cities...
  4. Tenpin

    White people charged $10 more than people of colour

    Festival that charged white people $10 more than people of color backtracks on ticketing policy. Imagine the outrage if this were the other way round.
  5. A

    94 years after its abolishment, are the Turkish people reviving the Ottoman caliphate

    Yesterday marked 94 years since the abolishment of the Ottoman Caliphate on 3rd March 1924 CE. [1] The caliphate has played a significant role throughout the history of Islam and its destruction is arguably one of the darkest eras in Islamic history following the death of Prophet Muhammad (sall...
  6. S

    How many people on TLF

    How many people on TLF still live in Turkey or spend time in Turkey . What are your lives like in Turkey. ? I ask this quite seriously because I'm not reading much about Turkey in many posts. One of my recent posts was with regard to Republic day which was held recently and it appeared that...
  7. IbrahimAbi

    100 people in Turkey

    I found this very interesting. More state officials than farmers is what struck me. I wonder what other TLFlers are intrigued by. A representative profile of 100 people in Turkey - KANAT ATKAYA
  8. S

    Micro chipping people

    The idea of using this for all Tlf members has been raised at a recent Tlf Mods cyber security conference Wisconsin company Three Square Market to microchip employees - BBC News
  9. Mushtaq

    Tobacco giant Philip Morris is paying people £50 if they persuade a smoker to quit

    Philip Morris International, the world’s second largest tobacco company, has said it wants people to quit the habit. Peter Nixon, UK chief executive of the global tobacco giant said “We are absolutely serious - one day we want to stop selling cigarettes.” The company is so committed to a...
  10. bickern

    Millionaire who bans 'coloured' people faces Prosecution

    The equality watchdog has begun formal legal action against buy-to-let mogul Fergus Wilson after he told his letting agent to ban “coloured” tenants because they left curry smells in his properties. It emerged in March that Wilson, who owns almost 1,000 homes across Ashford and Maidstone in...
  11. Mushtaq

    Theresa May wants British people to feel 'pride' in the Balfour Declaration.

    Theresa May wants British people to feel 'pride' in the Balfour Declaration. What exactly is there to be proud of? Balfour initiated a policy of British support for Israel which continues to this very day, to the detriment of the occupied Palestinians of the West Bank and the five million...
  12. J

    Young People

    Young Citizen Awards: The Leeds schoolboy shot in Syria - BBC News I love young people like these. Particularly the young girl from Doncaster who lives in care herself but helps others. Great inspiration and hope for the world at large.
  13. bal canavar

    Some People Surprise

    Wow didn't see that one coming..this guy can dance!!! - YouTube
  14. Spurs

    Any honest people left

    Everyones at it. Sam Allardyce: England manager leaves after one match in charge - BBC Sport
  15. yalimart

    Beware of Black and Brown People ! Ignorance or stupidity or both ? Martin
  16. C

    Support for the people of Turkey

    As some of the members of this forum will know, I have been personally subjected to some nightmarish corruption during the nine years since I purchased a property in Yalikavak. My nightmare continues. However, I feel at this time, when the people of Turkey are being subjected to barbaric...
  17. Jaycey

    How Spain gets rid of stupid people
  18. bal canavar

    People ask why do Turks vote for AKP

    People ask why Turkish people knowing what Erdogan and the AKP is like still vote for them . AKP took 23.7 million votes out of the 48.5 million votes at the election , but there is more than 30 million Turks from families “in need of assistance” who is the one that supplies this aid...
  19. D

    British people in Alanya

    I was wondering who is British here in Alanya and are there any areas where Brits tend to live ? Also is there any British people who own any businesses in Alanya ? I'm looking at buying an apartment and just wanted to know if there was a lot of British people here. Any info would be good, pubs...
  20. T

    Benefit Cuts R Killing People -Too Sick to work!

    This news is appalling!! How dare they treat our vulnerable & ill with such contempt........ :( Calls for the resignation of IDS :brick: "The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which was forced to disclosed the figures after a freedom of information request, announced that more than...
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