1. Tenpin

    Info UK Pension Abroad and Dual Taxation

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. Camden

    UK state pension worst in the developed world

    e UK state pension is the worst in the developed world, according to data from Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. As a percentage of average earnings, the UK government pays out 29 per cent, putting it at the bottom of a table which is led by the Netherlands, which pays...
  3. Freedom 49

    Turkish State Pension for Ex-Pats.

    Yesterday saw me reach another milestone which I never thought about when I moved out here all those years ago. I visited the SGK place in Manavgat 3 months ago to check out the contributions that had been paid in since I took my Turkish Citizenship back in 2000 as I've worked full-time ever...
  4. K

    State Pension & Divorced Women

    For any one who either is, or who knows of a divorced lady who is on a state pension, this may be a useful piece of news. The old State pension made provision for divorcees by allowing a divorcing woman to use her husband's NI payment record if it gave her a higher pension. However, there are...
  5. K

    Underpaid State Pension?

    It appears that some women born before 1953 who have been given a 'Married Women's State Pension', which is paid when women either paid a lower NI rate, or never worked, or only worked for a few years, or part-time, MAY have been awarded a lower than correct State pension. Where a...

    How do you collect your pension

    How do resident members collect their pension payments.. Assuming it's a sterling pension,is it paid into a GBP account in Turkey which you convert to TL as you need it . Or do you have it paid into an account like Revolt and covert and withdraw as required from a Turkish Atm or transfer to...
  7. kemerkid

    UK State pension.

    I received this leter today (3 months late) how are people living in Britain going to cope with this?
  8. ted j

    Claiming UK pension while abroad

    Kath is due to get her state pension this November , so earlier this year, I went on the Gov website where it stated you had to be within 3 months and 3 days of getting it before you could fill the form in to get the ball rolling I actually tried to fill the form in before that , so I could...
  9. A

    Turkish pension for dual nationalitys

    Does anybody know how to apply for Turkish pension
  10. niyaz

    New UK pension rules

    Hi, I am in a private pension with my company and very generous one too. I am thinking of flexi pension drawdown in couple of years when my pension matures. Any one in the forum who is going to get his or her private pension soon or in the near future and what have you opted for?
  11. Mikee100

    Pension near BJV airport

    I know there are a couple of pensions up near Bodrum airport but cannot remember the names. We are flying over and a friend has now booked to join us but unfortunately they arrive at 1am and we arrive midday the following day. As he does not drive I thought it may be easier for him to book into...
  12. giglets

    Boost Your UK Pension?

    Pensioners are to be given the chance to boost their state pension by up to £25 a week. They will be allowed to make top-up payments which will increase their retirement income for the rest of their lives. The scheme, available to anyone who has already reached state pension age or will do so by...
  13. P

    big problems - UK pension payment

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone can help! Been living here in Turkey for nearly 4 years now and natwest have decided to close my UK account that my private pension is paid into. I've contacted the pension people and they won't pay into my Turkish account :( can anyone come up with a solution? I...
  14. immac

    Pension £/TL Conversion

    A pension company that until this year was happy to make my payments in £ has this year said that from now on it will convert to TL before it sends it to my account. It describes this as a "Service", but charges me £2.74 for the conversion. They did not give me any notice of this change in...
  15. mollag

    Police pension fines

    Seems like a plan in fact why not apply the same criteria to MP's pensions [currently looking for a 32% payrise to compensate for the perks/fiddle removal] Remember, we are all in this together! Cut police pensions' to punish misconduct, MPs recommended a scale of fines be introduced for...
  16. flowerpotman

    UK pension paid in Turkey

    Just a thought does anyone have a uk private pension paid into a sterling account in turkey or do you have it paid into uk account and use debit card or transfer as required.
  17. butt007

    Am I alive? (pension)

    Last Wednesday I received a letter from the UK Pension services basically asking me "Are you still in the land of the living" You get 8 weeks from the date on the letter to reply and for them to receive it or your pension stops. You get 5 choices as to who can witness your signature on the...
  18. RedBloodedHound

    Spouses Pension.

    BBC News - Overseas UK pensions 'blocked for spouses'
  19. K

    Pension Credit Update

    Just thought I'd give you an update on my Pension Credit Appeal. I recently posted on here how I was refused Pension Credits because I own an apartment in Didum which they claim to be an asset. The basis of my appeal was an asset is something I could dispose of at profit. As I was still waiting...
  20. K

    Pension Credits

    I was recently advised to apply for Pension Credits which I duly did. After answering all of their questions one remained 'Do you own any property abroad'? When I truthfully answered I have recently bought an apartment in Turkey I was informed they assessed the value to be twice what I actually...
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