1. Minajayne

    Wanted - 7 seater/family car ~ Bodrum penninsula

    We're looking for a larger car to accomodate the kids...! A 7 seater or large family car like a Fiat Linea, a couple of years old, diesel. If you're selling, or you see one advertised, we'd be so very grateful if you can let us know. Also, if anyone knows of a good second hand car sales place...
  2. T

    Bodrum Penninsula

    I quite like the look of the Bodrum Penninsula, does anyone have any recommendations? I like a nice beach, nice restaurants, and a bit of history. Not so intersted in wild party like night clubs but I do like friendly bars. Not interested in men as I already have one so not on the look out...
  3. M

    Freeze on building in Bodrum Penninsula

    Hi All, I am a new member. My wife Lynn and I have been going to Turkey for many years and are currently planning to buy a property in the Bodrum area. We have been told that all building permissions on the Bodrum Penninsula have been frozen for probably around 4 months until new laws come into...
  4. N

    Getting around Penninsula

    Hello everyone I am staying in Gundogan in May and hope to show some relatives around the penninsula. Is it possible to travel directly between Yalikavak and Gumusluk or does one have to come back down to the main road at Kippa supermarket. If there is another road is it of reasonable standard...
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