1. Sweetnighter

    Demolition on bodrum peninsular

    Demolition of illegal buildings starts in Bodrum - Turkey News
  2. Sweetnighter

    Demolition on bodrum peninsular

    Eight construction sites sealed in Bodrum - Turkey News
  3. D

    Letters to a sister. c500BC Dorian Peninsular

    Letters to a sister. Dorian Peninsular c500BC | The Old Groaner
  4. Fuzzy

    Opticians on Bodrum peninsular

    Does anybody have any experience on buying glasses here on the peninsular ? We have our prescriptions with us and was told that it was much cheaper here to get the frames etc , but up to now its proved more expensive. Are we going to the wrong opticians or has any body got any advice ? or good...
  5. SonnyJim

    Datca Peninsular - FAB PHOTO!

    Just had to share this photo taken by a friend who is a pilot as he flew over our part of the World. I just love it. The Island is Symi. As you follow the peninsular along you can see a very narrow section (isthmus), in ancient times they had wanted to blast a channel through for shipping -...
  6. P

    Land East Bodrum Peninsular

    I am looking for a piece of land about 2000m2 with 5% permission in the Eastern side of the Bodrum Peninsular around Mumcular or similar. Can anyone help. Phil McL
  7. D

    Bodrum Bulletin - A Free Newsletter for the Bodrum Peninsular

    Happy New Year! I just wanted to inform you of a new FREE electronic newsletter that covers news, events and more across the Bodrum Peninsular. Whether you live on the peninsular permanently, or have a holiday home, it’s full of information which we hope you’ll find useful. Please take a look...
  8. Sweetnighter

    Mains gas supply to Bodrum Peninsular

    Has anyone ever heard anything about the possibilities of a gas mains supply on the Bodrum Peninsular or will this just never happen?
  9. Sweetnighter

    Keen gardeners on Bodrum peninsular

    Has anyone come across any of the following "ground cover" plants. GAZANIA(silver/grey leaves yellow flowers).... STACHYS BYZANTINE "Silver Carpet"(lambs ears) the non-flowering type.....also....FELICIA AMELLOIDES(Blue Marguerite) to drop over a BODRUM STONE retaining wall,it would look great...
  10. J

    Buying in the Bodrum Peninsular

    I am visiting the Bodrum area in April with a view to purchasing a sea view property any suggestions on good emlaks & is it better value to buy resale than new? What is the rental potential & what are the best areas? Any pitfalls I should be aware of? thanks.jb
  11. Sweetnighter

    Building Restrictions on Bodrum Peninsular (Yalikavak)

    Merhaba herkes I read an article in the Turkish Daily News last year saying that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism had taken over all planning decisions from the local councils on the peninsular and that because of over-development there would be a STOP to any further developments until these...
  12. ceemac

    All things Peninsular

    Right, here's my head above the parapet again.... Something that I have to admit I find annoying (I know, I'm sad, you don't have to tell me that!), is the use of the word peninsular on here when people are referring to the Bodrum Peninsula. There is no R on the end of the word unless things...
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