1. S

    Wind Turbines on the Bodrum Peninsula

    I went to the protest meeting against the proposed wind farm near Yalikavak. What are your thoughts? There weren't many foreign residents there despite all the publicity. BacktoBodrum: Tilting at Windmills - Troubling Turbines
  2. P

    Bodrum peninsula map

    Hi, Can anyone advise where I can buy in the UK a good road map of the Bodrum peninsula please, ideally covering all the peninsula maybe upto the airport too? I have seen one on a Turkish website called Bodrum Kent Planı ve Haritası Bodrum City Plan & Map but struggling to buy it. There is also...
  3. translator

    Bodrum Peninsula - Water Cut

    Message received from Muğla Metropolitan Municipality:- Due to the new construction and repairs to be to be done at the pipelines of D.S.İ. supplying water to the Bodrum Peninsula, there shall be a water cut for 25 days starting as of 24 January. Haven spoken to MUSKI Muğla, they inform us that...
  4. L

    Looking for 2 Villas together - Bodrum Peninsula

    My wife and I are looking for two villas side by side with their own pools or a single shared pool between them, anywhere on the Bodrum Peninsula. If prices were right we would look at long stay of 5 to 6 weeks up to 31st July 2014 in first villa and have family (2 adults & 3 children) stay in...
  5. M

    Long term furnished rental needed Bodrum Peninsula

    Hi Does anyone have a furnished rental 6 mth/1 yr, 2 bed, any area of Bodrum peninsula? I arrive in Bodrum 7th June to view. Many thanks Miranda
  6. kaplumba

    More photos of the walks on the Datca peninsula

    Ba?larözü?nden Palamutbükü?ne Trekking | Datça Trekking Looking forward to a few of these walks soon.
  7. H

    BBPM (Bodrum Peninsula Property Management)

    Those of you who know Yalikavak,will know Alex from Sofi's restaurant. You may not know that Alex also has another business,BPPM. Alex has done two significant jobs for us now on our apartment ay Hillview Gardens. The first being to restore and replace external plasterwork.The second to "make...
  8. I

    First time buyer on the Bodrum Peninsula - tips?

    Very good website this. We love Turkey and are pondering buying a 2nd home there in the next 12 months. Have read a lot about corruption - and ensuring things are notarised by independent lawyeras well as the Tapu etc - as well as it being 'safer' to buy a completed property on a completed...
  9. B

    Mis-leading information correction re Bodrum Peninsula Property Management

    I have recently received information from reputable sources that Kenny Wilson, a resident of Yalikavak, has been saying verbally and typographically that he is my business partner in my company Bodrum Peninsula Property Management (BPPM). This notice is to inform all interested parties that...
  10. M

    Hotels in the Bodrum Peninsula

    Can anyone recommend a hotel where you can spend the day using the pool and hotel facilities. We are out in middle of April for a week staying in our apartment in Turkbuku, the communal pool won't be in use and I think a little cold for the sea. an indoor pool would be ideal. What is the...
  11. SonnyJim

    Heaven on Datca Peninsula?!

    According to the Telegraph: Heaven on Turkey's Datça Peninsula - Telegraph
  12. R

    Bodrum Peninsula

    Hello there, We're thinking of looking around the Bodrum Peninsula for a new property. Being a bit unfamiliar with the area we are seeking advice on which areas or sites are really nice. I know it's a bit subjective but we just want some opinions if possible. We would like somewhere with a...
  13. P

    Where are best value properties on Bodrum peninsula?

    I am thinking about buying a place near Bodrum - somewhere on that peninsula so its close to the airport Where do you get most for your money. And is it any good for beaches, restaurants etc
  14. G

    Granite worktops - Bodrum Peninsula?

    We had a marble worktop put in our villa when it was built about 5 years ago. We've been disappointed from the start and are now looking to 'bite the bullet' and maybe replace it with a decent granite one. The marble looked fine to start with but soon stained and we've struggled to get the...
  15. D

    Walks on Daca peninsula

    Anyone from around there who would like to help an Italian tour company to develop day-walks on the peninsula?
  16. V

    Driving on the Peninsula

    Hi We will be in Yalikavak for our first visit in a few weeks time, Just wondering if we hire a car is there a coast road around the peninsula and is the driving pretty flat. I would be mortified to drive over mountains or hairpin bends just want to explore the neighbouring resorts If you can...
  17. ceemac

    Bodrum Peninsula's only wetland at risk of perishing

    Hasan Akkaya, a 70-year-old resident of Bodrum’s Gölköy area, brings his three cows every day to the pastures surrounding Akdeniz Lake. He is a witness to much of the history of the lake date palms that have been in the area for hundreds of years, but have recently succumbed to mysterious fires...
  18. ceemac

    Touring Turkey's Bodrum Peninsula

    Article from American Travel & Leisure journal; 'I mean, if you’re going to lounge around on throw pillows at a beach club, sipping chilled raki or rosé while being serenaded by seabirds and Cesária évora, there’s arguably no finer place to do it. And if, like any normal person, your...
  19. ceemac

    Bodrum Peninsula Plan Confusing

    Local administrations and nongovernmental organizations are criticizing the Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Environment and Forestry Ministry for dividing the Bodrum Peninsula into sections of north and east in order to make two separate zoning plans for them. Here C
  20. D

    Bodrum Peninsula Animal Welfare: Neuter and Return Program

    Hi all, I do not wish to start a debate on the already well covered issue of Animal Welfare. I simply would like to share the latest information regarding the current Street Animal Neuter and Return Program, which was covered in the latest issue of the Bodrum Bulletin. Here are the current...
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