1. Yalides

    Penguin goes shopping

    Penguin Goes Shopping Quite amusing.
  2. shazyboy

    penguin resturant 3rd beach rip off

    Sorry i don't mean to sound cheap but i don't like to be taken for a fool. I was charged 10 lira which is about 4 pounds for a glass of fresh orange juice..this was the same price as my main meal that i had ordered. I never heard of any one charging for a soft drink for the same price as the...
  3. KKOB

    The Penguin Show

    Have a bit of fun with this. The penguin show
  4. Andy

    Pick Up a Penguin

    A man wakes up one morning and opens his front door, only to find a penguin in his garden. Surprised and a little confused, he wonders what to do with the bird. He starts to walk down the street with it in his hands when a policeman spots him and calls him over. "Where did you get that?" the...
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