1. Tenpin

    Redcar cyber-attack: Council using pen and paper

    Redcar cyber-attack: Council using pen and paper More than 135,000 UK residents have been without online public services for nearly a week, as their council struggles with a cyber-attack. Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council's website and all...
  2. Yalides

    Marine Le Pen Well done girl.
  3. John O' Dreams

    Premature Baby 'Size of a Pen'

    Ireland's smallest baby born weighing under a pound and size of pen Ireland's smallest surviving premature baby is today thriving at home with her parents. Tiny Sive McDonald was just 420g — less than a pound — when she arrived into the world 16 weeks early. She was smaller than the palm of...
  4. Martyn

    1 gig pen drives 53p

    At Aria get on their mailing list they are very cheap for everything.
  5. peter the postie

    Free USB Pen

    It doesn't mention what size, but appears to be a genuine offer. This offer for a free promotional USB Drive is currently only available in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  6. Andy

    A Poem for Al & Pen

    Pennie who works for Crescent Homes likes to collect lots of Gnomes One of them is called little Al and he happens to be my pal. One day little Al's rod got broke and Pennie thought it was a joke, But she got her knickers in a twist when found that Al had broken his wrist To see poor Al in...
  7. P

    Anyone bought fom Nokta in Bobrum Pen.

    :ukflag: I would be interested to learn if anyone has bought a house on the Bodrum Peninsula from Nokta Emlak and any feedback. Parrot.
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