1. Jaycey

    Pegasus : Pets on plane.

    We’ve booked our Pegasus flights to Turkey for my wife, myself & bonsai poodle Mitzi for next weekend. Mitzi has her passport up to date with rabies & vet health certificate but we are now told that she also needs a rabies test certificate from 3 months prior. 1. 3 months & we’re leaving in 7...
  2. bickern

    Pilot of Pegasus Airplane Arrested

    An Istanbul court has ordered the arrest of the captain pilot of a Pegasus Airlines plane that skidded off a runway at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen International Airport earlier this month, killing three people and injuring 179 aboard. Mahmut Arslan was sentenced on charges of “causing death and...
  3. V

    Pegasus plane breaks in half

    A Pegasus Airlines plane literally broke in half as it skid off the runway at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen tonight. Amazingly there were no reports of fatalities amongst the 177 passengers and crew. Turkish TV was showing live streams of the rescue operations in both sections of the split aircraft...
  4. J

    Pegasus flights

    Good evening all, I'm looking for flights from Manchester to Bodrum in July/August. From experience when is the best time to purchase these flights? At the moment the prices are around £450 for either 7 week or 3 week stay. Do you think these prices seem expensive? What is Pegasus like, we have...
  5. K


    Pegasus has started a new service July 1st flying from Manchester to Istanbul.
  6. yalimart

    Pegasus Manchester

    Pegasus launch flights from Gods fair city. Martin
  7. mollag

    Pegasus to Dalaman.

    Maybe it's early days but it appears that Peg will not be flying direct to Dalaman this Summer [May] from Manchester or the London airports, does anyone have any new info ?
  8. C

    Pegasus flights 2019

    Does anyone know when Pegasus flights for April 2019 onwards are released. They are available up till the end of March but no further. Thanks in advance
  9. tomc1984

    Pegasus delays

    Anyone ever had to try and claim compensation from Pegasus for delays. We recently missed a connecting flight due to Pegasus delay and were forced to stay overnight in a hotel and book new flights the next day, extra expense obviously incurred. Pegasus basically saying tough **** but that they...
  10. L

    Pegasus Hand Luggage

    We are taking some of our personal goods to Northern Cyprus in a couple of weeks but want to take our stereo and coffee machine in our hand luggage, it fits in size and weight but cant find on their website if electrical goods are allowed in hand baggage. I know l can out it in the hold but dont...
  11. L

    pegasus laptop policy?

    Will be flying with Pegasus to Ercan on a internal flight and was wondering if you can take ipads on the plane? Have look on the Pegasus site but cant find the answer and was wondering if anyone had flown with them recently thanks
  12. Lez Zetli

    Pegasus online check in rejected!

    I've been trying to check in on-line for a flight from London to Istanbul, something that I've done many times, but this time it says "On-line check in rejected for passenger xxx". I've tried several times and it's working for my Turkish internal flight. Has anyone experience of this and did it...
  13. G

    Aaagh!!!!!!!! Pegasus website

    I'm sitting here almost pulling my hair out! I've been trying for the last hour and a half to book some flights for April through the website. Each time I get to the end, paying, it comes up saying that there is an error, and to contact my bank. I've phoned the bank, and they're saying that it...
  14. W

    I didn't use our middle names on our Pegasus booking can we still fly?

    Hi, when we booked our flights there wasn't an option for middle names so carelessly i just put our first names. I have rung Pegasus this evening -saturday and have stated that we will fly on monday evening. They said that they will not let us board unless we send photocopies of our passports...
  15. L

    Pegasus Canx all flight from Manchester to Bodrum

    Just seen that Pegasus have canx all the summer flights from Manchester to Bodrum. The flight on 30th May from Bodrum is still flying but will go via LGW. Hope this news does not effect to many people, specially with ThomasCook taking strike action, Sharon
  16. mollag

    Bodrum by Pegasus via Istanbul

    Has anyone traveled to Bodrum by Pegasus, via Istanbul lately, i'm wondering if you exit at the International or Domestic terminal at Bodrum?:smile:
  17. suzyq

    Pegasus Free Tickets

    Low-cost Turkish carrier Pegasus plans to distribute 100,000 free tickets to mark the 10th anniversary of its establishment, with the first 100,000 people who buy a domestic or foreign-bound ticket as of Dec. 3 benefiting from the campaign, according to company representatives. The tickets can...
  18. R

    Pegasus flight freeze option

    Hi all if i freeze flights on pegasus does the price i pay come off the booking or is it an additional charge thanks
  19. V

    Pegasus cheapies

    Anyone wanting cheap return flights between Dalaman and London Stansted via Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen this winter can get 30% off the advertised prices in the Pegasus Bayram Sale with £70 return flights available including 20kg hold luggage and 8kg hand luggage. The sale ends midnight Sunday and...
  20. R

    Pegasus Next Release of Flights

    Does anybody know when Pegasus are due to release next batch of flights. They currently only go up to 26th March 2016. Thanks.
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