1. maggie

    Pebbles Birthday.

    Remembering you today on your birthday. That twinkling star that allways shines so brightly. Hugs Maggie xxx
  2. zozatky

    Garden pebbles

    Any one out there know were I might get a cammion load of 20mm smooth pebbles like on the beach for my garden.
  3. Martian106

    The Pebbles Forum

    All I have an Idea, why dont we create a special forum called The Pebbles Forum, The forum could be for all the good things that happen to us, Births, weddings, lottery wins, good deeds, just the nice things that happen in life. This would reflect Pebbles wonderfull personality and her happy out...
  4. maggie

    Pebbles picture

    I thought as inspiration for us all I put post Pebbles picture on here for us all to see. This is Pebble with her son and daughter. Hugs Maggie xxx
  5. rosewall1

    Welcome back Pebbles

    By now my friend Pebble should be back in Turkey. This is earlier than she expected but I for one am glad she is back. So WELCOME back. Come and visit us soon :blowkiss:
  6. F

    In Reply To Pebbles

    In reply to pebbles I did not start the thread but I think the person who did was trying to STIR IT UP the point I was trying to make is that here we go again Muslims flying aircraft in to buildings I can not see what a plane crash in the US does to encourage people to visit Turkiye a country...
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