1. kemerkid


    Happy birthday in Heaven Pebble.
  2. suzyq

    Happy Birthday Pebble

    Happy Birthday to Pebble who sadly passed away in 2009. A very caring lady who did a lot for others and was also great fun. Gone but not forgotten. x
  3. ukizook


    Just noticed that it would have been Pebbles birthday today, a sadly missed and much loved member who's knowhow and kindness was a great help to many on here.
  4. N

    Remembering Pebble......

    on her birthday. She was one very special lady, taken too soon. Cheers Pebble, tonights tipple is for you.
  5. Rainbow

    A Pebble for Pebble

    Morning folks. Just a quickie before I head off: We have been asked what we would like for wedding presents, but we have decided we don,t want people to buy us anything. I would dearly have loved our special friend Pebble to have been here so, in memory of Pebble we would like people to bring...
  6. SuperBogs

    Christmas card for Pebble

    PNP > A message from Santa Claus | Portable North-Pole Bob
  7. rosewall1

    Pebble update

    I have just had a conversation with Pebble's son Alex and he has given me the latest news on Pebble and asked me to pass it on to you. I regret it is not good news. She was suffering from a lot of pain and seemed to have a bowel obstruction. They xrayed her and opened her up but unfortunately...
  8. maggie

    Pebble and Alans Big Day,.

    As you are all aware our dear friends Pebble and Alan are under going surgery today. I beg you all please just to spare a few minutes today to wish them both well and to post a little message of encouragement to them both. To everyone who is sick or suffering from something nasty I wish you...
  9. kaplumba

    Because Pebble asked me to

    I've been chatting to Pebble today on Facebook and what a brave lady she is. Anyway after much deliberation I told her a bit about my lovely friend Sheila. When I first saw Pebbles pic on her avatar I gasped because they looked so alike. Sheila also had a bit of an American accent due to having...
  10. KKOB

    The Pebble Jackson Project (PJP) - Newsletter

    In order to ensure that everyone's aware of the progress of the PJP we'll be using this thread exclusively to advise members of the progress that we're making. The thread has been made "sticky" and will be closed to all other comments. If anyone else has any news to add to this thread please...
  11. G

    Translations for Pebble

    From time to time I need to send text messages in Turkish and half the time I haven't a clue what I'm writing. Usually, the messages are just a couple of sentences not long enough to warrant contacting a translation service. It occurred to me that others might be willing to contribute a small...
  12. SuperBogs

    Pebble Fund Thread

    This is a place where people can indicate if they have donated for our friend and TLF member Pebble for her help with medications in her battle with cancer. If you don't donate or can't that's fine also but for those who would like to make record of their donations and comments this is the...
  13. suzyq

    Pebble Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Pebble Pebble Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you have a super day.
  14. shirleyanntr

    where is pebble

    im too nosey..its when i see pebbles signature..''back in the usa.' i wonder if she is.. or is that the title of an old song.. was it those that sang 'YMCA.'.or should i go back to bed? where are you pebble/s? :)
  15. lilacdiana

    Happy Birthday Pebble

    Hi Pebble just wanted to say happy birthday and looking foreward to coming too see you in your shop in August. I am sure you will be enjoying the sunshine over there. Raining hard here!!!! My daughters 10th birthday tomorrow so hope the sun shines then but doesnt look likely!!! 7 weeks today we...
  16. K

    a note for Pebble

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