1. M

    Fountains of peace

    Someone has just announced that Turkey is"Going to rain fountains of peace on the land east of the Euphrates" Can someone please explain will these be the same "fountains" that were rained upon Afrin and its people? Just asking:angel:
  2. Freedom 49

    World Peace Day

    A message on my mobile this morning from our Mayor of Side, wishes me 'A Happy World Peace Day'. With so many people in so many places throughout the world intent on killing each other, will they give it a break for this World Peace Day? I'd like to think so but then I've always been, and will...
  3. C

    Cruise - For peace & Relaxation

    The Australian cruise liner Carnival Legend, had to send 9 passengers off the ship after the cruise from hell. Six men and three minors from the Italian Barkho family were sent ashore at Canberra after 72 hours of mass brawls with other passengers. Many passengers spent the cruise locked in...
  4. T

    2017 peace in the middle east

    Hi to all in Side Turkey. I wish you peace this Christmas and new year and hope that peace prevails in the Middle east in 2017. All men and women of all faiths have to hope that better times are coming to us all and we can forgive each other in 2017, and let our children grow up without hatred...
  5. suzyq

    Kurds feel trapped between state and PKK, make plea for peace

    Sad life for people caught in the middle. Locals in mainly Kurdish Diyarbakır feel trapped by clashes between Turkish security forces and the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) and are calling for the resumption of negotiations to resolve the issues. Intense clashes occurring on a...
  6. B

    Peace Talks.

    Israeli-Palestinian violence: Kerry in talks with Abbas - BBC News I just hope that something good comes from these talks in Jordan. Bill.
  7. bal canavar

    World Peace Day in Istanbul

    Police attack demonstrators during the World Peace Day in Istanbul Riot police used water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators against the AKP Government on World Peace Day on Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul, "The June Movement" group of about 500 people holding hands formed...
  8. T

    10.3 Million Signatures for Peace and Freedom for Öcalan

    Article extract: In March 1999, when the International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan—Peace in Kurdistan” was founded, it was unthinkable. Unthinkable, that Abdullah Öcalan would ever – get out alive. After his forceful abduction from Kenya with the help of Western intelligence...
  9. T

    Peace Process revealed by CHP

    I only have this in Turkish if anyone can find an English version that would be great. CHP outlined what is in the 'Peace Process' and part of it is to have States like the USA but only 25 States not 52, Like the US each state will make its own rules and control its own day to day management...
  10. T

    Mum's at Peace

    Tonight there is a new star in the sky, shining brightly & lighting the way. Mum is now at peace, free of pain & distress, God bless you mum & keep you safe. RIP dearest Mum xxx
  11. T

    PKK Peace Process

    The peace process between the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Turkey is continuing despite warnings by rebels that negotiations are facing collapse over two primary concerns: Ankara's inaction in stopping the advance of Islamic State militants in Kobani, and the Turkish military's recent...
  12. B

    Malala! - Nobel Peace Prize

    BBC News - Malala and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize I think that this is a worthy award for this brave and exceptional young girl. Unfortunately, until I read the article I didn't know much about the joint winner of the prize...
  13. tykatem

    Cyprus halts peace talks

    Cyprus president on Tuesday suspended talks on reunifying the ethnically divided island in response to Turkish plans to search for oil and gas in waters where the Cypriot government has already licensed companies to drill. Cypriot government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said the decision was...
  14. T

    Peace process - Turkey

    The peace process bill has been passed today I believe all parties except MHP have signed agreement to the Peace Process. Fantastic news.
  15. T

    Bill to support Peace Process

    Turkey submits bill to boost Kurdish peace process. The bill was long sought by pro-Kurdish politicians, partly to remove the risk of those involved in the talks being prosecuted if the political climate in Turkey turned against the process in the future. The draft law protects anyone involved...
  16. B

    Iran and Peace talks

    BBC News - Iran nuclear talks: Hague bids to close 'narrow gaps' Could there be a break-through? There seems to be some progress in the peace talks. Let's hope so. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about. Bill.
  17. B

    Israel/Palestine "peace" talks close to collapse.

    John Kerry tries to rescue Middle East peace talks amid fears of collapse - Telegraph Each side blaming the other. Will there ever be agreement? Bill.
  18. mollag

    Peace at home, peace abroad.

    How does it look for the PM and Turkey these days? There seems to be no end of strife surrounding Turkey---- Armenia, Kurdistan--ish, Syria, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Egypt, Iran---things go from frosty to downright rabid. Anyone reckon the "peace at home, peace abroad" boast still remains?
  19. giglets

    Gülen Honoured with Peace Prize

    Well-respected Turkish intellectual and scholar Fethullah Gülen was awarded the Manhae Peace Prize for his contribution to world peace at a ceremony held in South Korea on Sunday. Among the prominent recipients of the Manhae awards, which have been given since 1997, are former South African...
  20. B

    Israel/Palestine peace talks again?

    BBC News - Israel to free Palestinian prisoners over Kerry talks At least John Kerry has got Israel and Palestine talking. Let's hope that something comes of these talks, this time. As the great Winston Churchill said, "To jaw-jaw is always better than to...
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