1. Tenpin

    Minimum wage in Turkey raised by 26 pct

    Looks like a big increase in the minimum wage coming....which also means the same increase for SGK payments. Minimum wage in Turkey raised by 26 pct - Latest News
  2. suzyq

    SGK approves regulation allowing private hospitals to charge 200 pct in extra fees

    The Social Security Institution (SGK) has approved a regulation that will increase the percentage of extra fees charged by private health institutions from 90 to 200 percent. The regulation, which was prepared at the beginning of October by health officials, was passed by the SGK on Tuesday...
  3. merlin

    Turkey plans to cut corporate tax by 2-3 pct pts in 2006....

    Turkey plans to cut corporate taxes by 2-3 percentage points from the current level of 30 percent at the start of 2006, Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan told Reuters in an interview on Thursday. He also said Turkey's 2005 budget deficit may be YTL 8-9 billion lower than the government's YTL 29...
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