1. P

    Caravan is back at the pazar

    Hello Everyone, The Caravan will be up and running on Thursday (of course dependent on the weather).. Rosemary will be there along with our other volunteers. Please feel free to stop by and say hello. We are now operating under the Bodrum Hayvan Haklari Derneği as a separate Yalikavak branch...
  2. Gill

    Second-hand items for sale -Ikinci El Pazar

    FINALLY all the paperwork is complete and we have permission to sell our second-hand items. The sales will be outside the Museum in Yalıkavak which is just behind Art Street, opposite Yali Travel and near the old windmill on Saturdays between 10am and 12noon. First one is this Saturday 8th...
  3. O

    Caravan Hours at Yalikavak Pazar for Thursday, July 26

    Someone will be at the Caravan tomorrow from 10 am until approx. 3 pm. Thanks
  4. M

    Efes @ pazar

    I was in the cafe in the pazar on Saturday. We had three efes, cost 15tl We queeried this and was told yes 5tl each. We paid, then we saw a Turkish man drinking efes so asked how much he had paid 3.5tl said he. So we challenged the patron who refunded 4.5tl another case of double pricing...
  5. zozatky

    Table top sale / Bit pazar

    table top sale / Bit pazar at the Rainbow cafe TOMOROW High noon. Directions on the sreet behind the Towncentre Tansas . Rasing funds for a play centre at a local orphange all wellcome.
  6. zozatky

    Nazilli Pazar the final countdown

    Anyone know whats going in its place no info around. Ask the locals & its the usual Dont know. Like most things its a secret. Someone said that the council has taken it over & is going to build a new Pazar like Davutlar????
  7. immac

    Pazar Protocol

    From ZAMAN: Pazar protocol Generally Turks are known for their warmth, graciousness and almost overbearing accommodation towards foreigners in their midst. While these characteristics do tend to fly out the window in tourist areas such as Sultanahmet in İstanbul, or in some of the beach...
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