1. yalimart

    Crime Pays ? Progressive ? Madness ? Tax cuts for the rich ? The police don't investigate many crimes now that would have attracted short sentences due to cuts in budgets and numbers, should we take it a step...
  2. Leo

    Who usually pays the Estate Agent ?

    Hi Everyone, Simple question - who usually pays the Estate Agent fees in the sale of a Turkish property. I am currently being told it is usually the buyer - as the Estate Agent does all the work for them - inc, transfer of utilities, preparing the inventory of fixtures and fittings, obtaining...
  3. Spurs

    German bank pays up

    No doubt about it, they have all been at it & we bailed them out. Deutsche Bank hit with largest Libor fine in history - Telegraph
  4. C

    A Little Clarity on Who Pays for NHS Services
  5. bickern

    First Choice pays out £1.7million to 600 holidaymakers who fell ill at Turkish resort

    Travel giant First Choice has been ordered to pay £1.7million compensation to British holidaymakers who fell ill at a 'luxury' Turkish resort which had faeces in the swimming pool. The four-star Holiday Village complex in Sarigerme was inundated with complaints after 595 visitors’ dream...
  6. juco

    UK council tax pays local pensions

    Each council will have a different set of figures but this one (link below) shows how someone paying £1400 per year council tax is paying for:- £400 water £500 for local government pensions And only £500 for local services. If you read the link below you will see from the letters how the...
  7. S

    who pays an introducer?

    If we have been introduced to a seller who sold us property, are we expected to pay the introducer a commision as well as the seller? Is so how much is normaly expected ?
  8. J

    Replacement Roof - who pays???

    I have a friend who owns a dublex in a block of 8 apartments. There are problems with the roof and it is looking like it will need to be replaced, however, there are arguements re who is responsible for the cost of same - some say it is the dublex owners responsibility as they are at the top...
  9. Firefox

    MI6 Pays Hush Money

    British Secret Service is very keen to keep its Torture technique’s secret from the world. It’s paying a £1 million bribe from UK taxpayer to Libyan Revolutionary leader to keep him silent and not sue. M16 and a £1m 'bribe' to silence torture victim: Spies gave up dissident to Gaddafi thugs |...
  10. Mary

    Who pays for roads in Bodrum around sitesi's

    Hi guys anyone tell me who pays for the roads to be constructed outside the Koop or sitesi in Bodrum area or anywhere for that matter in Turkey. I was told that the municipal council paid for all roads connecting outside the sites however need this clarifying please. I have emailed our Legal...
  11. D

    tapu fees - who pays?

    Could someone tell me please who pays the tapu fee, buyer or seller? Thank you
  12. arrian

    Loyalty pays....

    but comes at a price!!! The £3million maid: Filipina servant left a fortune AND a luxury Singapore apartment by grateful employer | Mail Online
  13. L

    Who pays 5 years back Council Tax---seller or buyer?

    After 5 years waiting for Tapu(due to Solicitor witholding payments), the new Solicitor is in the final stages of obtaining the Tapu on this re-sale apartment. The buyers are being asked to pay the 5 years back Council Tax. They have occupied the property for several holidays and paid for...
  14. mrkeith

    who pays???

    Are these people true "peace protesters" or just bored out of work students, left wing actvists, or professional do nothings?, and who pays for the repairs and their sewage and where do these people wash and clean? A step in the right direction for me BBC News - Boris Johnson defeats Parliament...
  15. ceemac

    Irish President pays tribute to fallen Irish at Gallipoli

    President Mary Mc Aleese has paid tribute to more than 4,000 Irish men who lost their lives fighting for the British Army at Gallipoli. Here C
  16. P

    Bookmaker pays out on Cole split

    Cheryl Cole may not have called time on her marriage but a bookmaker has blown the final whistle for her footballer husband Ashley. Bookmaker pays out on Cole split -  Celebrity News, Latest Celebrity Gossip | MSN Celebrity UK And I predict Ceryl Cole will go on to date Will.i.Am from...
  17. Martyn

    It pays to shop around

    I'm not normally one for shopping around but the last couple of days I have been searching for a couple of things. Firstly a new rubber surround for the windscreen of my off road Land Rover Defender. The screen has to come out for it to be done. Three quotes £150, £128 and the the last one...
  18. S

    maintenance fees. who pays if apartments not all sold

    hi, i would like to know if builders are to pay towards maintenance of complex thanks steve:thanks::thanks:
  19. G

    Cost of Tapu - Who pays

    Regarding the cost of the Tapu which is 3% of the property value, is this always split 50/50 between the seller and the buyer or is the buyer obliged to pay the full 3%. I have tried to determine this from past posts on this site but there are many conflicting accounts. We are soon to collect...
  20. Mushtaq

    Citigroup pays $3 bln for stake in Turkey's Akbank

    By Birsen Altayli and Emma Ross-Thomas ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Citigroup (C.N: Quote, Profile, Research) has agreed to pay $3.1 billion for a 20 percent stake in Turkey's Akbank, a move seen aimed at strengthening the U.S. financial giant's position in the competitive and fast-growing Turkish...
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