1. immac

    Garanti CCard Instalment Payments

    Watching the TL about to collapse, it occurred to me that anything bought now, before the prices rise in TL, could be a bargain if on extended payments. So, I tried to buy an item on Gittigidiyor with fixed cost spread over 6 months on interest free credit. If the TL tanks, I win. However, I can...
  2. oldfogy

    Maintenance none Payments

    On a serious note. It up to a owner to prove that they have paid their maintenance for a specific period that is being requested or up to the complex to prove a person has not paid? For instance I have checked the accounts for the last few years and find no record of a payment from a certain...
  3. catweazle

    Complex bill payments

    Hi does anyone happen to know the legalities of a complex management paying for casual work to be done, as in the odd couple of hours gardening and general work. I know cash cant just be handed over without possible repercussions but can it be done if they provide an invoice and what does this...
  4. B

    SGK Internet Payments

    Please can someone tell me which Turkish banks allow you to make internet payments to SGK? I am with HSBC and have been able to set up payments online for all my bills but not SGK which needs a trip into the branch, etc. Surely some banks must do all payments!
  5. paddington bear

    SGK Payments for October

    Has anyone else had problems paying their SGK premium for October? I went into Halk Bank on the 30th October to pay that months premium, only to be told no, not showing up. I have been in again today to pay and once again told the same thing. A friend of mine paid hers around the 23rd or...
  6. L

    Sgk payments on line

    Has anyone paid their SKG on line with Halkbank. If yes, could you give me the steps to take. Thanks

    chasing maintenance payments

    good morning all After owning property for 5 years , still without habitation, we consistently have other owners who do not pay any maintenance fees for the running of the site. those of us who have paid every year have had enough and are looking to get a solicitor to send out enforcement...
  8. Neil_Denizli

    Best Bank for Receiving Payments from Overseas

    Start with a grumble - my HSBC dollar account now started charging (without notification or reason, will be talking to them today) 31 dollars per transaction - i.e. every time a payment comes in they steal an obscene commission. Will be closing my account with them asap. However, as I work...
  9. Travelling Wife

    Toll Payments

    On our recent trip we hired a car from Hertz in Izmir Airport. We asked about the toll payments and were told that we would be charged when we returned the car on how many tolls we went through. However, on returning the car in the Otopark (the designated return point), no mention was made...
  10. J

    road tax payments

    Is it possible to pay this at the ptt , also heard about paying on line anyone know how to do this, thanks
  11. flowerpotman

    Winter fuel payments to stop

    BBC News - Spending Review: 'Temperature test' for winter payments
  12. L

    Have SGK payments increased?

    I previously paid my SGK on 28 November. Been to HalkBank today and was told I owe 460 lira! Surely it's not gone up that much!!
  13. JAYTEE

    Frequency of management fee payments

    Wondering if property owners could let me know how they pay their management/site fees - monthly, six monthly, yearly or another time-scale. The reason I ask is that we have two properties - one we pay monthly in advance and the other six monthly in advance. I'm curious as to what other sites...
  14. Ian2006

    SGK - if you miss 2 or 3 payments?

    Hi - we are likely to be in the UK for 3 months in the New Year - does anyone know what officially happens - do you just pay up the amount owed on your next payment? Many thanks
  15. Mojive

    Afghan-Hero Stripped of his disability payments!

    This Story has just popped up on my facebook as a friend signed the petition,is the decision right or wrong?Im interested on your thoughts on this. Becks’ Afghan hero stripped of disability payments | The Sun |News Mo xx
  16. L

    Monthly payments problem Bodrum area

    Need a quick answer without having to search through Condiminium Laws.... One site in Bodrum region with one big house 150 sq meters and 2 apartments 75 meters each . So same size. One shared pool and gardens. Does big house pay half of everything ? Or one third ?....3 tapus Need some official...
  17. D

    fines for late payments????

    just wondered what folks on here thought....last Oct I went to pay our site water and was one day late... this incurred a 2tl fine. Each month the residents on our small site (6 apartments) are supposed to pay 75tl for maintenace fees.... 2 of the residents (turkish) are constantly late...
  18. R

    Maintenance payments before Tapu

    I know there must be a thread on here somewhere, but does anyone know the answer to this question please? We bought our apartment off plan in 05, but have never used it as there are problems with the complex not being finished and our apartment being badly damaged due to negligent work by the...
  19. E

    Digiturk unauthorised payments!

    Like many on this forum I have Digiturk and pay for their service via direct debit. When looking at my Bill Preview section on my hsbc online banking screen, I noticed that Digiturk had taken an extra payment for 17,21 in May and were about to take one for 13,99 in June. I firstly rang hsbc to...
  20. Peter J

    Aidat Payments - Ayder Evleri

    I’m trying to get an idea of what is a ‘normal’ Aidat payment in the Tuzla area. The reason I ask is that ours has just gone up another 50TL per month and one of the excuses given for this is that there are many non-payers on site and it’s taking the committee some time to pursue these owners...
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