1. B

    Property Tax Payment :

    Hi, Does anyone have information about paying property tax on line with Yalikavak Beleydeye Regards, Baba Moss.
  2. J

    Setting Up Water DD

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to set up a water direct debit in Garanti on my app from the UK but I'm having trouble with my subscriber number. My bill show a 4 figure 'Abone' but Garanti is asking for a 9 character entry. Can anyone help me figure out what I need please? Thanks Jonathan
  3. Webarella

    Payment for home insurance

    Hi! How long have you waited for payment if you have had a damage? I had a water damage but I still have not had any payment since almost 2 years even it did not happen in my apartment. All papers and contacts have been done, but I am still wondering. Anadolu Sigorta is the company. Now I will...
  4. immac

    SGK Payment - Can´t Find It!

    Trying to make my SGK payment but can´t find the right section. I am a bit out of date, with last payment made using Garanti (on-line) in August, but the options do not show my group. Last payment was made to "SGK Borç Ödem". The bank receipt shows (additionally) "GSS Prim Tah Silati". But none...
  5. J

    Staff payment following resignation

    A member of site staff has resigned and left to take up a post at a similar site. He has filed a claim for employment compensation. What is this and are we obliged it ? Many thanks Judy
  6. suzyq

    SGK Payment for July 2018

    Can anyone tell me what I will have to pay this month please.
  7. N

    Non payment of council tax

    Due to a recent hip replacement op, I am unable to travel to my villa in Denizkoy, Izmir until the flights become very expensive. Does anyone know of the fine if I don't pay until next year.? Last year my council tax was only about £40 for the whole year. Thanks Nigel
  8. suzyq

    July payment for SGK

    Can someone tell me how much it will cost me for SGK this month please.
  9. suzyq

    SGK Payment for January

    Can anyone tell me how what the new payment for January 2017 is please.
  10. T

    Council Tax Payment

    Is it still possible to pay Council Tax at the Belediye in Yalikavak? I paid it there last year, but there was some talk of a switch to Bodrum at some point. Tony
  11. suzyq

    Payment dispute between government, pharmacies grows with new deadline

    The tension in the payment dispute between the Turkish government and the country’s pharmacies has risen, with the latter setting a March 31 deadline for selling drugs within the coverage of social security if their list of demands is not accepted. The Istanbul Association of Pharmacists said...
  12. B

    Non payment of site fees.

    How long does the process take to take an owner to court for non payment of site fees and is it correct that their property can be sold to meet their debts.Apparantly we have a few on our site who have not paid.
  13. A

    Maintenance payment

    Hello. My understanding is that maintenance payments should be made into site bank account. One owner on site is asking that he receives payment in his hand. I am sure this is illegal. There is no formal receipt and what would happen if he was broken into? Thanks for any answers in advance,Derek.
  14. B

    Parking fine payment

    Hi wonder if any one can advise. We got a parking ticket when visiting oludeniz, didn't realise we had illegally parked! Does any one know how we pay the fine, do we have to travel back to oludeniz or can we pay it locally here in Koycegiz where we live. Thanks Brenda
  15. S

    council tax payment on Property in Turkey

    hi all I wondered if anyone can help me ....who pays the council tax when a property is being rented out. At the moment I am paying it ..... thanks
  16. bickern

    $10 cash payment free

    If you drank red bull in the last 12 years, and you didn't automatically grow wings, then you'll be entitled to a small piece of a hefty settlement the company has agreed to pay for false advertising. Energy drink Red Bull GmbH settled two class-action lawsuits this week, agreeing to pay...
  17. Tommie

    Council tax payment.

    I am getting conflicting advice on how much council tax one pays. Can anyone tell me (1) How many names on Tapu? (2) How much council tax do you pay? (3) Is this the total payment if more than 1 name on Tapu. (4) Is the individual payment the same for all names on Tapu? (5) Do you know if...
  18. S

    final payment before TAPU?

    Hi everyone. I am confused about something and wonder if anyone can offer advice? I am close to completing on a property in Side built by Mecitoglu. My contract with Mecitoglu states that my final payment and receipt of title deeds take place on the same day " simultaneously". Now I have been...
  19. W

    Didim Belidiye -water payment arrangements

    Can anyone tell me please whether it is possible to settle an upcoming water bill payment by paying the Belidiye over the telephone or via internet?
  20. E

    SGK Payment

    I currently pay my SGK via a government bank at the counter - has anyone had success paying via the internet banking - I am with Garanti and HSBC. Thanx
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