1. hayabusa

    Paying Koycegiz Council Tax

    Due to the current travel restrictions, I cannot come to pay the council tax by cash. Does anyone know if the tax In Koycegiz can be paid on line ?.......
  2. R

    Paying Car Tax in Turkey

    Hi WE need to renew our car tax, We used to pay this through our bank, but this is no longer possible unless you have a credit card, at the moment we do not possess a credit card. The bank told us that we can pay at the tax office. We are not sure where abouts in Fethiye the tax office is, Can...
  3. E

    Paying Council Tax online

    Hello everyone, Could I seek some advise please. Its looking like the travel restrictions may mean that I am unable to visit Marmaris in April. I always go down to the office on the sea front and pay my house tax in cash. Can anyone tell me if its possible to do it over the internet and if so...
  4. bickern

    Stop paying for Harry and Meghan security costs

    The UK tax payers are expected to pay for Harry, Meghan and their son’s security costs, even though they no longer live in the UK and they are now private citizens. This is undemocratic. Harry and Meghan are no longer entitled to use ‘Sussex Royal’. Harry’s honorary military positions are...
  5. T

    Paying for rp card in ziraat bank

    Hello, Did anybody pay for rp card fee inside ziraat or other banks? I want to know which code we should use? The bank does not know exactly. In this website I saw 9192 which is the code that I think we should pay...
  6. A

    Paying the owner

    Gunaydin! Apologies if this is a silly question to ask. If coming from the UK to purchase a property from a Turkish seller, what is the best way to pay the seller? What is the safest way to do this? I have this somewhat a fear of transferring thousands of pounds into an incorrect account...
  7. A

    Paying bills...

    Just out of interest, for those people who have a property in turkey and use it as a holiday home, how do you pay your bills? Say you were visiting every six weeks or so - your electricity, water and internet etc do you pay by direct debit and transfer money from uk account to Turkish? We are...
  8. S

    Paying Council Tax by DD

    Can anyone tell me how easy it is in Turkey to arrange to have the council tax paid direct from a bank account. Setting up the DD to pay the electricity was straight forward, I just went in to the bank with my reference number - job done. Is it the same procedure with the council tax or does it...
  9. Mushtaq

    Tobacco giant Philip Morris is paying people £50 if they persuade a smoker to quit

    Philip Morris International, the world’s second largest tobacco company, has said it wants people to quit the habit. Peter Nixon, UK chief executive of the global tobacco giant said “We are absolutely serious - one day we want to stop selling cigarettes.” The company is so committed to a...
  10. M

    Paying water bill by Direct Debit

    Does anyone know how to set up automatic payment of the water bill? This now comes from the Mugla Buyuksehir not from the Datca Belediye, and I have no arrangements in place to pay it automatically. Instead I have to go to the Belediye and pay it in cash. There has to be a better way! Has...
  11. C

    bitez belediye - paying property tax

    Hi Can anybody tell me where to pay property tax in bitez? Ive heard there's a new office in the village and also been told I have to go to central bodrum to pay... Anybody paid this year and can give me a definite location?
  12. S

    Paying Electricity Bills

    Hello forum Has anyone any information about paying electricity bills, a friend asked me to pay his and I’m unable to pay it. The chap at the post office says it is a new directive and bills can no longer be paid at bank, post office or internet unless the owner of the property has been to...
  13. T

    Paying property tax in Gumusluk

    Hi folks...I'm pretty sure you think I'm a bit dim but I have another question. What do I need to take with me to pay property tax in gumusluk? I know I go to the town hall in the village, sure I'll find it. Do they speak English as my turkish is dire? Thanks
  14. L

    Paying Electric bill on line.

    Following on from another thread Is the facility there to read and pay my bill on line when in the UK.
  15. J

    Paying Property Tax in Turkey?

    Need to pay property tax for the first time . What do I need to take with me? Where do I pay it ? And how much I think it a % Thanks
  16. E

    Paying Council tax online

    Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me if I can pay the yearly council tax online. Our property is in the Armutalan area of Marmaris. If anyone who has paid online can give me the web address and talk me through it. Thanks very much. Edward
  17. K

    Paying SGK through internet

    Hi all Can somebody please tell me how to pay my SGK through Internet banking My bank is Yapi Kredi. Thanks in advance.
  18. E

    Paying Turkish Electric bills from UK

    Does anyone know how to pay electric direct from U.K. I have been logged out of my internet banking so cannot do it that way. In the past all my electric payments were automatically paid when they were due. For some unknown reason this has stopped. There is more that enough money in my current...
  19. D

    Paying Milas council tax

    Hi can anyone help me get into the web site. Is there an english version as I have the turkish link and its all in Turkish and unfortunately my turkish is non existent!!!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. E

    Paying Council tax on line

    Good day and happy Easter to everyone, Wondering if someone could talk me through how to pay my Council tax on line, if that is possible. I have a place in Armutalan, Marmaris and have looked at the web site Marmaris Belediyesi but don't see where I can pay. Im unable to read Turkish so Im...
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