1. newhorizon

    British accounts, Turkish tax payable?

    Following from another thread on "Turkish accounts and Uk taxes" I was wondering this question in reverse:- British accounts, turkish tax payable? This is assuming person is resident in Turkey but gets income paid into UK bank accounts. Do they need to declare this in Turkey as income? Assume...
  2. jandj

    Turkish accounts, UK tax payable?

    I am copying this from another forum, so take no credit for its information, and would be very grateful for the thoughts and opinions of fellow TLFers. With the new banking regulations relating to accounts held by foreign residents having been signed yesterday and if Turkey has become a...
  3. D

    İs tax payable on non electrical household stuff

    İ am thinking of bringing some 'sentimental' type of household clutter to turkey -china etc--nothing electrical--how is it viewed by the turkish border tax people?
  4. Fuzzy

    What Car tax is payable re C.C. ?

    Hi there ! l know l saw somebody had written a car tax payable/ re engine size somewhere here but be darned if l can find it again on the search. Sorry if it's still there and l'm just being menopausal !! Can anybody please let me have it again ? Absorbed some great advise from everyone here...
  5. K

    Tax payable on villa rentals

    Hi Does anyone know any info about the tax payable if you rent a villa out? I understand its 25% of your income. You are not allowed to take into account your expenses? Is this correct? Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
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