1. bickern

    RIP Paul Allen (Microsoft Joint Founder)

    RIP Paul Allen Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, 65, dies two weeks after he revealed he was battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for the THIRD time, as bulk of his $13.5billion fortune is expected to go to charity...
  2. ted j

    RIP Paul Daniels

    Just heard on the news Paul Daniels has passed away ..RIP Magician Paul Daniels Dies From Brain Tumour
  3. bickern

    Lynsey De Paul dead

    RIP Lynsey De Paul. ----------------------------------- Lynsey De Paul has died suddenly at the age of 64 following a suspected brain haemorrhage. The singer/songwriter - who represented the UK in the 1977 Eurovision Song Contest - was best known for her hits Sugar Me and Won't Somebody...
  4. S

    The Fake Absolutely Altinkum forum by Paul Clements (CrashTester)

    Getting nowhere asking about this over the road so asking here Are there now 2 AA forums and why is only one of them allowing new members to register? Confused, Uzumlu
  5. Yalides

    Paul Walker Dead

    Paul Walker from the Fast and furious films killed in car accident. RIP Paul, always liked you as an Actor.
  6. bickern

    Paul Paul Shane dies aged 72 following a short illness

    RIP Paul, you brought a smile to many peoples faces. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TV actor and comedian Paul Shane, best know for his role as Ted Bovis on hit sitcom Hi-De-Hi has died aged 72. His agent said he died surrounded by his family at a...
  7. Firefox

    Mazel Tov Sir Paul

    I hope its third time Lucky for Sir Paul the weeding took place on a Sunday in a registry office not far from me. Mazel Tov-& Shalom- Haber Paul Mecca Here Happy day: Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell tie the knot at town hall in central London - 680News
  8. S

    Very well paid work!

    Seriously thinking of taking up this game as a new career Pirates receive record ransom - Yahoo! News UK
  9. arrian

    Psychic Paul backs England

    Oracle octopus gets behind England's 2018 World Cup bid  - Yahoo! News UK
  10. arrian

    Paul, the 'pyschic' octopus!

    Paul the psychic octopus: bookmakers take bets on final predictions - Telegraph
  11. ceemac

    Hiking in an apostle’s footsteps: the St. Paul Trail

    Good topical article about another famous Saint, St Paul. 'Perge, today one of the best preserved, most visited ancient sites on Turkey’s sun-soaked Mediterranean shore, in the A.D. first century was a living, booming Roman city, its colonnaded streets thronging with prosperous citizens, its...
  12. Andy

    Paul T's Birthday

    I would just like to wish our Paul a happy birthday, have a great day Paul and have a drink for me. :cheers: Any other members with birthdays, your not forgotten.. :pressie: :52: Best wishes to you all Andy
  13. ceemac

    St Paul

    I was totally unaware that 2008 was the 2000th anniversary of the birth of St Paul the apostle and that millions of Christian pilgrims are expected to meet in Tarsus, Turkey; his birth town. Does anyone live there, or near there and who could let us know what's going on in the town and what...
  14. R

    Paul and Jamey-Lifesavers!

    Hi. We would just like to say a great big thank-you to Paul and Jamey (Dalid69). We arrived in Dalaman to find that strong winds had detached the water pipe from the solar panel-if we turned on the water it ran in torrents down the roof. We had no water, either hot or cold. To top it all the...
  15. jcrian

    Happy Birthday Postie Paul

    Happy birthday Paul,enjoy your day. :pressie:
  16. jcrian

    Postie Paul

    Front page of our local paper today..... Lets hope you go on to win a luxury holiday in Turkey.
  17. lynnmcl

    Happy Birthday Paul T

    Happy Birthday Paul, 42 years young today :w00t: Have a good one. Lynn
  18. Struggs

    Paul McCartney's Marriage Split

    Please don't shoot the poster, I found this on my ISP forum: A South African gold miner loses his leg in a mining accident and is sat in hospital talking to his mate. "Well that's me b******d, who on earth's going to want a one legged gold digger?" His mate replies "Well, you could try Paul...
  19. Andy

    Paul Williams

    Welcome to the forum Paul. Iv'e just come back from Soton doing a job over their this morning. I see your a borer does this mean you work on the oil wells. ? :lol: And a grandad eh. Do you have a place in Turkey or just go for visits. So many questions you'll have to tell us abit about...
  20. P

    Hi from paul & stella

    Hi Thought we had better introduce ourselves as we`ve been using the web site for a while.We are paul & stella douglas and have bought a appartment just outside of Yalicavak which we have almost finished fitting out.We are going back out middle of may,maybe could meet up with some of you then...
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