1. yalimart

    St Pats Day

    I don't normally celebrate St Pats but as it's on a Friday and my local pub is doing this I just might All the best to those celebrating tomorrow and today if your clock has already turned. Martin
  2. N

    Looking to meet some ex pats

    Hi all, My name is Stuart and I have lived in the Isiklar area of Antalya since last November but have yet to meet any ex pats! Please contact me if you would like to meet up! I am a young minded 66 yr old Stu
  3. S

    do any ex pats live in sarigerme ?

    Hi All, we love our place in Sarigerme and try to get there about three times a year but only spent a total of about 1 month.I know its almost closed up from end October until April but does anyone know if there are any ex pats living there and if so what if anything is there to do during the...
  4. D

    ex pats fed up and wanting to leave Turkey

    Getting fed up of so many ex pats complaining and moaning about the changes here in Turkey and wanting to go back to the UK The islamification changes that are and `might` happen in the future here in Turkey both economically and politically are if it happens not really going to affect the...
  5. beyazbayan

    Ex pats happy?

    Ex-pats who move to the Mediterranean are less happy than those who moved the other way | Mail Online
  6. J

    Ex pats in Didim study

    I know this may have been on here before, but first time i have seen it. An interesting study of (mainly) british ex pats in Didim done by a female Turkish graduate student.
  7. M

    YAY free healthcare in UK for ex pats

    Please see this website for more info Good News for Expats as the NHS Supports Free Access to Healthcare Back Home in the UK in Latest News - YellAli But I say about time too!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. N

    meeting with ex pats in ovacik/hisaranu

    hi all I make the leap and leave the UK for good and arrive in turkey on this easter sunday can you suggest places to meet up I saw a cafe in fethiye that is run by an english lady who makes cakes details of any other brit hangouts will be appreciated :ukflag:::eyeye: I am also building a blog...
  9. mollag

    St Pats day sheepdog trials

    Never quite sure where to post these, anyhoo a nice subtle advert that doesnt insult your intelligence, :blowkiss: Round up your mates for a GUINNESS on St Patrick's Day - YouTube
  10. John E Rose

    The Viking St Pats Nite Raffle

    Hi folks, Just to let every one know who is coming on Saturday nite (17th) St Pats nite at the Viking, there is a raffle for the local Alanya special school that we support. So can one and all bring some small items that can be used for prizes, so we can try and break last years total which...
  11. mollag

    Ex pats keyboard [male]

    What a great idea, get down to essentials! :114mf:
  12. M

    Turkish health insurance and ex pats

    I don't know how many have picked up that all expats holding residents permits may be liable to pay Turkish health insurance from the end of January of 2500ytl per year, the attached link to an article on the subject may well be of interest. Uncertainty for foreign residents as Turkish health...
  13. perfect1949

    great news for us ex pats living in Turkey

    Fethiye | A message from David Reddaway, British Ambassador to Turkey . it save me 3000 T/L for a five year R/P .dave
  14. R

    Views of Ex Pats who have returned to the UK

    Not sure if this is the correct sub forum but with the growing number of expats who, having lived in Turkey for some years, are now returning to the UK , or other destinations including Bulgaria. Just interested to discover how they have found the re-integration to the UK lifestyle. What are...
  15. S

    Ex Pats returning home

    I have read recently of many ex pats deciding to return home for a variety of reasons, the main ones being currency/savings rate fluctuations, health concerns and genuine disillusionment. Whilst the articles I read were mainly related to Spain are there members intending of heading home from...
  16. L

    Ex pats leaving.

    Interesting article in this weeks voices. Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Didim's foreign legion sell up and another. Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Law needed to protect expats buying property
  17. shirleyanntr

    Didim and english ex pats.

    ive just been reading that Didim has so many retired English (British) that in the very near future there will be as many as would make a town. Didim İngiliz kenti olma yolunda 17.08.2008 Türkiye'de yabancıların en fazla ev ve mülk sahibi olduğu Aydın'ın Didim İlçesi, bir İngiliz emekli kenti...

    Ex Pats,don't Rely On The N.h.s.

    Sorry i cannot master 'copy/paste',but an article in the EDP,an east anglian newspaper on 8/5/08,states that a couple who took a 2 year work contract in st.kitts in the caribbian & renting out their house in norwich,were involved in a car accident in st.kitts & the husband was told that they...
  19. Mary

    Any Ex Pats Near Tuzla

    Hi everyone, does anyone know if there are any ex pats around the Tuzla Lake area. I have read the threads about Gumbet, but wondered if there are anyone living around Guverchinlick or Tuzla. I have a very good friend who is home alone on Ayder site where we have our villa. Her husband has had...
  20. M

    Ex Pats Yalikavak

    Hi First visisted Bodrum about 15 yrs ago and fell in love with it. We are finally on the verge of leaving work and England to live in Yalikavak. I would be interested to hear from anyone already living there. Please tell me we are not making a mistake!!!!
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