1. H

    Wet'n'forget patio cleaner

    Anybody know where, in the mugla/marmaris area I can get hold of this or an equivalent?
  2. S

    Patio Cushions

    Hi Can anyone advise where to buy, at a reasonable price, large cushions for patio? Bodrum and surrounding area Thanks
  3. Gazarra

    Patio Glazing

    I am thinking of "glassing in" our three patios has anybody any contact information of contractors that undertake this sort of work in the Bodrum/Yalikavak area ? Also interested of any experiences members may have had with this. Quite a few on the site next to us have had this done and not only...

    PVC patio door not closing

    My Large PVC Patio door seems to be falling off its rollers and it's quite difficult to close. The property is 10 years old. I'm in the Turgutreis area. Can someone recommend a handyman who can fix this or should I call into one of the local window/door suppliers ?
  5. J

    Patio Furniture.

    Does anyone know where I can buy some really good quality patio furniture from in the Dalyan area of about 30 miles. Jan
  6. A

    Patio beach club

    Hi any info on patio beach club can you walk into town safely and how far. Does the dolmus stop there . How far on dolmus to altinkum and how much and frequency and last dolmus back i am looking at sept 3rd /2014 or mid June. Any info that is relevant would be appreciated many restaurants or...
  7. F

    Patio Door locking strip.

    Hi all anyone know where I can get a Patio Door locking strip in Kusadasi. It fits on the side of the door. Picture attached.
  8. K

    Patio Furniture

    Hi Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy patio furniture at reasonable prices. I need a six seater and fairly large table. I am also happy to buy second hand. I would like it to be there for when we arrive in 12 weeks and 6 days...counting :24: thanks Kaz
  9. T

    Vertical Roller fly screen for patio door

    Hi all, We are going out to furnish our new apprtment at Summer breeze next week and I want to have fly screens fitted while I am there. I particularly want the type that are like vertical roller blinds for the patio doors. They meet in the middle and retract back when opened. Anyone know if...
  10. D

    flyscreens for patio windows + premier league tv channel tv

    hi- looking for tips from satisfied customers re good value suppliers of flyscreens in Akbuk or Didim. Also -a question for football fans - which suppier in Akbuk or Didim ( if anybody) can supply a sports tv package which includes the Premier League games but doesnt require the internet! I...
  11. A

    Security lock for patio doors

    Hi everybody, we have had an apartment in altinkum for the last 4 years and we are very concerned about the rising burglary crime, i have sourced a very good lock for patio doors and have recently installed to ours. Anybody seeking further advice please pm me,
  12. Marirabbit

    Wanted - bamboo patio furniture

    Hi everyone. My OH and I are coming out in a couple of weeks and are looking to replace our outdoor furniture I'm looking for a bamboo dining table and 4 (or preferably 6) chairs however, our house is right in the centre of Gumbet and doesn't have the security of a complex so I don't want to...
  13. culturevulture

    patio furniture, plastic pot-plants

    Hi, Please can anyone tell me, where in Atinkum can I buy nice patio furnirure? Either good quality plastic or rattan. If anyone has bought these in the last year, maybe they could remember how much they paid for them? I believe the bamboo furniture is expensive as it is imported. Also where...
  14. edeller

    Replacing patio doors

    My new place has a sliding patio door which is OK but not very substantial and having stayed at other apartments on the complex, they do seem to have problems with the locking mechanism after time. Was thinking of replacing them with something more substantial and a bit nicer, sticking to UPVC...
  15. v6cod

    UK - Tax on having a patio

    Secret Labour tax on having a patio... Millions of homes already assessed for council charge which hammers middle classes | Mail Online Yet another possible stealth tax, unbelievable. It doesn't just cover patios but also conservatories and views etc.
  16. D

    Patio funiture

    Can anyone advise if there is a way to buy patio funiture on line, or at least from the UK to be delivered to Didim? We have just bought a place and are looking for sun shades... Is there anyway to contact Koc Tas in Bodrum perhaps?
  17. D

    Patio Furniture

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie, Denise (aka Den) have bought an apartment on Royal Blue complex. Can anyone point me in the right direction for outdoor furniture. We were in Altinkum last week and had a quick look but could only see wood, plastic or rattan. Anyone know where I can get metal...
  18. S

    Patio Doors??

    Does anyone know the cost of 3m wide patio doors, preferably with toughened/tinted glass? Also windows, not safety glass but 2m wide by 2m depth. I've had a look on the internet but having trouble finding sizes, any pointers in the right direction would be helpful? Or is it best to wait until...
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