1. E

    Patient decree in turkey?

    Hello, in my home country I have filled out a patient decree and deposited it with my doctor. Is there something similar when living in turkey? Will it be honored? If so, where do I deposit it? At a doctor? Lawyer? Hospital? Does anybody know?
  2. bickern

    First face transplant patient in Turkey opens his eyes

    U─čur Acar, the first person in Turkish history to successfully receive a full face transplant, was taken out of intensive care yesterday and transferred to a normal hospital ward. LOCAL - First face transplant patient opens his eyes With all the discussion going on about healthcare at the...
  3. KKOB

    Mistletoe Cures Patient Of Cancer

    A cancer sufferer has told how mistletoe saved her life after she shunned conventional treatments. She turned down potentially life-saving chemotherapy and instead had injections of misteltoe. Mistletoe cures woman's cancer after she shuns chemotherapy | Mail Online
  4. zozatky

    The GP patient survey.

    They are asking my views on the local NHS services. As if!!!! But in what language do I fill the form in? I have a choice of 14 but not in English.
  5. R

    Another Ufuk Hillside patient

    Hi & greetings to all who read this message. I am Ralph who emotionally purchased 2, 3 bed apts at Ufuk Hillside in July 2007. Now bellyup Parador & sales guy Senor were Agents. I am anxious about the conditions and prospects now and need to join others in support and action. The lawyers...
  6. J

    hello i,m new to all this so please be patient

    my name is janet i,m thinking of moving to turkey have you any tips to help me?cheers janet :)
  7. bodrumchic

    Hi - Very new to this so please be patient with me

    Hi everyone, I've lived in Bodrum for several years, work in the property business and was sent a link for this forum because I was mentioned here (you learn to live with the fame after a while). I'm usually too busy to write much but think this forum looks much better than most so I hope I can...
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