1. 3


    Social media can be deadly at times, especially when loudmouths don't know the true facts. I hope the fella enjoys every second of his holiday. Captain Tom CANCELLED By Twitter Mob! 😡 - YouTube
  2. S

    Pathetic but predictable

    So the world's guardians of human rights, errrrrm for some- block the inquiry call at the UN I could have sworn recently the US and their lackeys were screaming outrage at UN resolutions being blocked.......
  3. yalimart


    So we have one little boat under water at any one time with the capability of destroying half the world, the captain gets the horn for one of his crew and is relieved of his command, absolutely pathetic in my opinion, we spent millions training this guy and the minute he gets a stiffie he's...
  4. Firefox

    Pathetic Sophie

    The countess of Wessex yet another FREE loader royal, decides to have trip to Bahrain last month. She gets showered with gems and other Jewellery by the despotic blood thirsty King Kong Hamid. The UN and Amnesty Int just produced a damming report for the brutality the Saudi/Bahrain troops...
  5. Angela Stansfield

    Pathetic Dog - Altinkum

    Today, there was a large dog wandering around Yenihisar town centre in Altinkum. He was wandering back and forward over the roads and seemed extremely unwell. He seemed disorientated, was very skeletal and had a bad skin condition. I saw him try to rummage in some bags next to some bins and...
  6. ceemac


    This is just shameful - I have no idea whereabouts in Turkey this is or what it's about - all I know is there can be no acceptable reason for the assailant's behaviour and even less acceptable is the inaction of the onlookers. C
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