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    Kalkan and Patara

    After many years of going to Oludeniz we want to try somewhere different (our friends have never been anywhere else) We were thinking of going back to Kalkan for a few days and then to Patara for a few days. Could someone give me some tips on places to stay, things to do etc. Thanks
  2. A


    Is it possible to get a bus or dolmus from Fethiye to Patara beach? Time taken would also help. Thanks in advance,Derek.
  3. I

    Fethiye to Patara by BUS

    Help and advice needed. I want to travel from Fetihye to Patara ( Gelemis) by bus on 20/5/10 and return on the 24th. I will be staying in Hisaronu and can get to Fethiye Otogar on the dolmus but dont know how to book a seat or what bus companies run towards Kas or Kalkan. Any suggestions please.IanK
  4. J

    Fire at Patara

    Has anyone any news about the fire at Patara. I have heard it is quite a big one, fanned by wind and has destroyed some properties?
  5. S


    I know this is a forum for Kalkan but as it is close to Patara can anyone tell me anything about Patara? For example, hotels (accomodation in general), nightlife (if any!) restaurants, bars, shops and most of all would you go there? I have been to Oludeniz twice and love the place, spent a day...
  6. merlin

    Saklikent then on to Patara....

    Around AD 275 Nicholas was born in Patara, on the south east Lycian coast. At that time Patara's population was about 15,000. It enjoyed some sea trade, but probably relied primarily on cottage craft industry — labor intensive food processing, textile and pottery making, woodworking, glass...
  7. P

    patara beach

    could any members help with directions too patara beach from fethiye went to stay there 10yrs ago and remember the beach was gorgeous, would like to go by dolmus this time gina/rob:):)
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