1. A

    Pat Dudley

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that my good friend Pat Dudley died on Friday night. She has an apartment at Taurus Apartments. It will now be let out on a long term rental. My condolences to Pat's family and friends. Angela x
  2. bal canavar

    Ex Pat Thought on Erdogans Turkey

    An Ex Pat thought on Erdogan's Turkey . I am sure a view held by many Turks to . What a mess Turkey has allowed itself to fall into ANTHONY TAHMASEBI I read a column titled “Solution” in Today's Zaman last week. As a foreigner, married to a Turk with a young son, I too fear for the nation of...
  3. L

    Portable appliance testing (PAT test) in Turkey?

    Good morning everybody, What is the Turkish law in regards the PAT tests? If I buy white goods or aircon does the supplier installs them as well as provides a PAT test certificate or I have to find some else to do it? P.S. The HEALTH and SAFETY EXECUTIVE (HSE) gives info regarding this test...
  4. Carolyn

    Taking stock - an ex pat's life in Turkey

    I've been pondering our life here in Turkey today and realise how easy it is to take so many things, including random acts of kindness for granted. Today for us was an ordinary, out and about in the village day. Although nearly October I can put a load of washing in the machine, safe in the...
  5. Carolyn

    Ex Pat Benefit Cheats face Extradition

    There may be a few bums tightening up over the cornflakes this morning. Expat benefit cheats enjoying 'fun in the sun' funded by the British taxpayer face extradition back to UK | Mail Online
  6. L

    Ex Pat Shield

    Does anyone use this and if so what do you think about it? Do you need good internet speeds for it to work? Thanks, Lesley
  7. D

    Expat meet ups around Calis

    Hi can you tell me if there are any particular bars where ex pats go? or are there any regular meet ups? we are over from the 2nd-16th July and are moving over permanently next year it would be great if we could meet some people already living there, thanks Deb and Malc
  8. N

    attention all ex pat dog owners

    no pathetic comments PLEASE:nono: it seems the local council are getting outside contractors to put down poison that will kill a dog almost instantly so dont let your dog sniff suspicious packages by the road side :ban: us brits do like our pets thats :evil: on a happier note any interested in...
  9. altinkum kev

    Ex pat found dead.

    So sad . Ex-pat found dead in home. Aegean Independent Fethiye.
  10. motherto1

    Allot of advice needed plz..And perhaps a comforting pat on the shoulder :)

    Well, we are in the process of "buying" in Didim/Altinkum, or at least have planned to do so for months now! Our final departure will be in september, and we hope to return as owners of a holiday home for our family. Our first plan was to move permanent, but we changed our mind. BUT! :wacko...
  11. B

    Belediye Ex Pat Garden Party

    It seems that an ex-pat garden party has been arranged, and funded, by the Dalaman Belediye to be held at the Nil restaurant (by the airport) on Tues 7th June at 7pm. I understand that the invitation extends to ALL ex-pats in the Dalaman area, will be attended by local dignitaries, and that...
  12. C

    Postman Pat (Not For Kids)

    Its a joke, don't read if you are prudish.:blowkiss: It was Postman Pat's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same villages and towns in Greendale. When he arrived at the first house on his route, he was greeted by the whole family...
  13. maggie

    Ex pat shield Users.

    Has anyone using Ex pat shield found they can no longer use BBC I player or ITV player???? Tried to get on there today thro ex pat shield but it wont let me .(PS this is in Turkey) Hugs Maggie xx
  14. D

    ex pat insurances

    i have come to the conclusion that the insurances on offer for me through the turkish banks dont suit my purpose because they are so 'gappy' and i cant get bagkur because i still pay my national insurance back in the uk. i have now decided to look for cover through expat insurance deals that...
  15. V

    Do ex pat christians worship in Turkey?

    I am wondering what provision for christians there is in Turkey especially brit ex pats. Or are we that far gone we dont bother any more? Or perhaps too scared?
  16. pineapple1

    Whats an Ex Pat

    Whats Expat ???? I think its a stupid word and wonder where it came from ? Dose it mean if we go to live in a foreign country we are less patriotic to our own , Would we side with a foreign country agaist the Uk ? in war or what , It gives the impression of .Ex Patriotic , I'd rather be called...
  17. madturkishcow

    Happy Birthday Pat...........

    Wishing you a very happy day. May all your hopes and dreams come true. :52: mtc
  18. T

    Dave and Pat (Gumsan)

    I cannot remember what forum it was where you PM'd me about taking keys over ............sorry, if you or anyone you know reads this can they please let them know that I have posted my address in a PM for them on the Gum san website and if they are still looking for someone to take the keys over...
  19. heidi

    Ex Pat gossip !

    I feel the need today to sound off and I know Mushtaq will understand why I need to do it here and on my own forum. When I came to Turkey it was for a totally different lifestyle to the UK. Some peace of mind and stress free living. However right from the start I encountered jealousy and...
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