1. IbrahimAbi

    Inventor of cut,copy and paste

    Died aged 74. This chap made all of our lives so much easier. i remember the astonishment of a teaching colleague of mine when I showed him how to use it. He had previously been retyping stuff. The irony that I had to use copy and paste to put the link into this post. RIP Larry Tesler...
  2. Andrew and Mary

    Hot spicey red 'paste' served as meze

    Hiya All, Have been looking through various recipe sites and locations but as I don't know what it is called it is like looking for a needle in a the dark!!!!!!!!! The red 'paste' served with meze and often with a cool yoghurt to accompany it, needed to counteract the fire...
  3. bobthenob

    copy and paste a slug

    Is the UK facing a slug plague? WHO, WHAT, WHY? The Magazine answers... l never done this before,to copy and paste.l took this article from the BBC news magazine,l tried to copy and paste a slug on the forum,it just wasn't slimey enough. Slugs can lay 500 eggs a year If all the rain...
  4. Andy

    Copy & Paste

    Just for those that don't know how to Copy & Paste Try it, put the curser over some script hold the LEFT click down on the mouse run over the script and release the LEFT click. Now youv'e hopefully highlighted it so everything has turned blue. Press the RIGHT click again holding the curser...
  5. russandjan


    : 8 servings 1 Recipe Balti masala spice 6 fl Vinegar (spiced or plain, as -you prefer) 6 fl Vegetable oil (sunflower or -peanut) A paste which, like Balti sauce, appears repeatedly in Balti recipes. Place the ground spices in a...
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