1. M

    Passion for food!

    I have created a Facebook page for all you fellow food lovers that are intrigued with all thse Turkish ingredients but not sure what meals to make out of them. Originally i was building the page for my own personal use as my cookery folder was becoming a mess and hard to find the recipes i was...
  2. arrian

    passion? ouch!!

    Painful passion: thousands nursing secret sex injuries - Telegraph :crying: :416pv::boohoo::416pv::boohoo:
  3. ceemac

    British activist keeps passion for environment in Dalyan

    Dr. David Bellamy is one of a kind – an expert botanist, author, broadcaster and environmental campaigner. For many years, he spoke about fungi, lichen and mosses in front of millions on British TVs, infecting his viewers with his love of nature. His eccentricity, coupled with an engaging...
  4. ceemac

    Pigeon love, passion and profession in Turkey

    For many people, pigeons are ordinary, white and gray birds that swarm public squares or are released as symbols of peace at rallies. But for those who love, raise, race, sell and buy them as a hobby or profession, pigeons can be a life’s passion. Here C
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