1. R

    Gutted Denied Boarding

    Well I thought I had all in Order, and skipped the PCR test, as The UK Gov site tells folks they only need a Double Vax cert now for Turkey entry, I had this printed out, however on Check-in, after a bit of back n forth they put my details .ABZ AMS IST into Travel Doc, and sure enough it came...
  2. S

    Tubby plane passengers to be weighed
  3. bickern

    Terror in the darkness: At least eight dead and 3,000 panicked passengers evacuated a

    ıt makes you wonder how this can happen nowadays with all the technology. I know it takes a lot to slow these ships down but they have bow thrusters etc for tight manouvres. Were the crew half asleep or what? I suppose we will have to wait for full story but hopefully more are not dead. At...
  4. tykatem

    Fat airline passengers 'should pay more'

    Fat passengers should pay more for their plane tickets, a former airline executive has said. Tony Webber, who worked as an economist for Qantas for seven years, said that overweight passengers were pushing up airlines’ fuel bills. Mr Webber, who now runs his own consultancy firm, said that...
  5. Akasya

    Passengers grounded Comtel Airlines

    An airline grounded it's passengers until the had a whip round for £24,000. Grounded passengers forced to pay £24,000 airline fees - Telegraph How disgraceful. Steve.
  6. S

    Should passengers be weighed?

    As airlines get stricter by the week with their unending pursuit of more cash by way of weight=more fuel=higher costs, is it fair that an 8 stone passenger gets penalised for carrying 6kgs of handluggage, whilst a 15 stone passenger carrying 5kgs doesnt pay Should we weigh passengers?
  7. ceemac

    Passengers in Turkey use bus to return to Europe

    Bus companies have organized trips to Munich, Germany and Bucharest, Romania from Istanbul for all passengers that can not fly to these countries due to ash clouds. Here C
  8. ceemac

    Annoying Fellow Passengers

    What do we do that most annoys our fellow aircraft passengers? According to recent surveys, these are the most annoying things for us as airline passengers; 1 A child kicking your seat 2 A screaming child 3 People who talk non-stop 4 People with bad breath/BO 5 Passengers being rude/aggressive...
  9. Mushtaq

    Ryanair: passengers' top five gripes

    Ryanair: passengers' top five gripes The bag check-in charge is a favourite complaint for some low-cost airline passengers 1) The bag check-in charge is a favourite gripe for some low-cost airline passengers. Ryanair charges £10 to check in one bag, then £20 each for the second and third bags...
  10. jnj

    The unwritten laws for flight passengers

    No flight ever leaves on time unless you are running late and need the delay to make the flight. If you are running late for a flight, it will depart from the farthest gate within the terminal. If you arrive very early for a flight, it inevitably will be delayed. Flights never leave from Gate...
  11. merlin

    No passengers injured in incident at Istanbul airport....

    No passengers were injured in the incident in which an aircraft of the Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines on the Moscow-Istanbul flight left the end of the runway because of a malfunctioning brake system, sources from the Turkish mission of a Ukrainian airlines operating the flight told Itar-Tass...
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