1. A

    is anyone travelling from Turkey to the Uk soon? I need a companion to be able to bring my dog

    Hi folks, I need your help! My situation is that, I was working in turkey for two years during covid, I adopted the cutest dog ever. I got a job in the Uk and I discussed with them to start later but they wanted me to start as soon as possible. As you know for bringing pets to the Uk, they...
  2. bickern

    Passenger plane carrying 98 people crashes

    There are fears of mass casualties after a passenger aircraft carrying 98 people crashed into a residential area in the Pakistani city of Karachi. The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) jet, carrying 91 passengers and seven crew members, was on its final approach to Karachi airport when it...
  3. suzyq

    Egyptian passenger plane hijacked

    Egyptian passenger plane has made an emergency landing on Cyprus after being hijacked by a man wearing a suicide vest. EgyptAir MS181 was en-route from Alexandria to Cairo when it requested permission to make an emergency landing at Larnaca Airport on Cyprus. At least one man on the plane...
  4. oldfogy

    Advance Passenger Information (API)

    I recently raised a question with a travel company (TravelRepublic) that I booked a holiday with which was with regards to the location link to their API link. The carrier for the flight is going to be with Monarch airlines. To be told that Monarch do not require it and it will be taken care of...
  5. V

    Naked Easyjet passenger tasered

    A drunken holidaymaker who stripped naked coming off an Easyjet flight and threatened to fight the captain was tasered by police - and slapped by his girlfriend! Naked passenger tasered by Manchester airport police | Mail Online
  6. Y

    Crash helmet for motorbike passenger - pros and cons?

    After coming through Ramazan İftar rushhour traffic in Fethiye yesterday evening as a passenger on a motorbike, it occurred to me buying a crash helmet might be a good idea ... or am I worrying too much? We only use the motorbike for short trips into and around the town (a car for longer trips...
  7. Helenm150

    Passenger restrictions on MA plate

    Hi, my neighbours have informed me that they have heard from several people who drive on MA plates that there are restrictions on passengers travelling in their cars - has anyone heard anything about this? Thanks, Helen :bolt:
  8. Yogi

    Sick Boat Passenger Dropped in Sea

    This is one way to stop internal bleeding I guess, freeze it! :14: Shouldn't laugh this is pretty awful. She was 73 as well. ------------------ A grandmother taken ill on a cruise ship fell into the freezing Arctic Ocean after being dropped by paramedics transferring her to a rescue boat. It...
  9. J

    Pegasus Flights Advanced Passenger Info?

    Hi, Is the API needed for Pegasus flights? If so, where do I go on the website in order to give my passport details, etc...? Thanks :)
  10. E

    Advanced Passenger Information

    We booked flights via Belfast to Dalaman with flythomascook for summer and received a mail stating we must register our details as API is now required. When I hit the link posted it directed me to TC web page that offered extra services, food seats etc which I do not need but nothing to tell me...
  11. L

    Pre-Registering Passenger details

    Just booked some flights with Thomas Cook, and have been advised that all Passenger details and Passport Numbers now have to be pre-registered 3months to 7 days before travel. Does this mean the end of last minute flights to Dalaman?
  12. ceemac

    Police Detain Bomb Threat Passenger

    Turkish police detained a passenger of a Sunexpress plane which made an emergency landing in northern Greece after a crew member found a bomb warning in the toilet while travelling from Germany to Turkey. Here and here C
  13. P

    Advanced Passenger Information

    just read this on the Thomson website - any ideas what its all about? Important: E-Borders information From 20th January 2010, bookings created that are due to depart the UK from 1st February onwards, please be aware of the following: For entry to Izmir, you must provide Advanced Passenger...
  14. ZiaCa'

    Advance Passenger Information

    Looks like that this must now be filled out for travel from UK to Turkey. Some airlines have a form that can be downloaded from their site. A new European Union Directive has just come into effect, which means over the next 12 months all flights booked to European Union States, from the UK and...
  15. ceemac

    Air Passenger Duty Rise

    'The cost of air tickets is set to rise tomorrow when the first of two planned increases in airport passenger tax comes into effect.' Here C
  16. KKOB

    Plane dismantled after passenger loses mobile phone

    Hundreds of holidaymakers were delayed when their plane had to be dismantled after a passenger dropped a mobile phone down an air vent inside the aircraft. Plane dismantled after passenger loses mobile phone | Mail Online
  17. T

    Passenger Alteration

    I have seen many posts on here offering tickets for sale at a given price plus the £20 Name Change Fee. Having a spare ticket I phoned Thomas Cook to confirm that name changes are acceptable. They replied that they are, that there was indeed a £20 fee but that I would also have to pay the...
  18. merlin

    Antalya Airport reached a milestone: 7th million passenger.... Antalya airport in Turkey has reached a milestone.7th million passenger arrived since the beginning of this year. A German family - the Kiewitt Family from Dresden/Germany which flew from Dresden with Atlas Jet flight was the 7th million passenger this year. The family was greeted...
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