1. Mojive

    Sir Roger Moore has passed away

    RIP Mo xx
  2. pepperkat

    Article 50 Bill passed

    The Article 50 bill has passed by 498 to 114
  3. the bueman

    Gerry Anderson... Radio Ulster passed away

    Sad day....Gerry Anderson show host for BBC Radio Ulster passed away today. Had been ill for the past year....Gerry and his sidekick Sean Coyle kept me entertained with their banter and funny call-ins from listeners looking for help and advice with all sorts of issues and topics. Here are some...
  4. bickern

    Controversial Internet bill passed by Parliament

    A controversial law on the regulation of Internet news portals and websites was accepted by a majority of the votes in Parliament in a session held late on Wednesday, leading to concerns over Internet freedom and people's right of access to information. According to the changes, the...
  5. C

    Advice please - Parents owned property in Turkey, now passed away

    Hi, I'm new to Turkish Living and would really appreciate some advice. I have posted this already on this site but can't seem to find my post!! Unless i did it wrong. My parents have owned a house in Calis for the last 8 years but sadly both suddenly passed away last year. I have no idea...
  6. P

    For those who have passed on on Father's Day.

    My dad died 18 years ago but I think it is nice to stop and remember him. These are the lyrics to a song written by Phil Coulter after the death of his father, and it has special meaning for me. I heard it at a concert shortly after Dad's death and even though the song is written for father and...
  7. D

    deed law passed

    just seen that the tapu law to stop fines has been last common sense. it was in voices newspaper davido
  8. Helenbodrum

    Turkish father-in-law passed away

    Hi All Unfortunately, my husbands Dad, passed away yesterday morning in Istanbul. He was suffering from aggressive throat cancer so it was expected, but still comes as a shock. Tayfun left for Istanbul last night, and plans to stay in Turkey for about 3 weeks, as the family will take Tayfun's...
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