1. Tenpin

    Vile Labour Party

    Eric Joyce: Ex-Labour MP admits child sex offence Extract: Ex-Labour MP and former Army officer Eric Joyce has been told he faces jail after he admitted having an indecent movie of a child. Joyce, 59, had a film on a device that "depicts a...
  2. Yalides

    Viable opposition party

    I wonder, now that labour is in the political wilderness of irrelevance, which party will rise as a viable opposition. A new party lead by Nigel the Farage maybe ?
  3. Yalides

    New leader of the labour party

    I will be voting for Diane Abbott, best person for the job...
  4. immac

    Labour Party - Where Next?

    I am not a Labour supporter, but I do believe there should be a robust and healthy opposition in parliament. As the dust settles after the worst Labour defeat since 1935, the question is, which direction will Labour take? Do they accept they got things badly wrong, or do they carry on with a...
  5. bickern

    Reform Party

    Nigel Farage will rebrand Brexit Party as ‘Reform Party’ after Britain finally leaves the EU. The Brexit Party leader claims his work won't be done after the nation leaves, and he will still try and stamp his authority on British politics. Mr Farage vowed to completely change his party, with a...
  6. Camden

    New Party Turkey

    According to the Turkish papers the UK isn't the only country to have an up and coming New Party on the Horizon depending on the courage of the future participants ( if past record in courage of the participants is anything to go by it may not get off the ground ) Abdullah Gül, Ali Babacan and...
  7. bickern

    New Centre Party

    A group of disaffected Labour MPs is preparing to quit the party and form a breakaway movement on the political centre ground amid growing discontent with Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership on Brexit and other key issues including immigration, foreign policy and antisemitism. From that Tory rag the...
  8. K

    Engagement party

    We've been invited to the engagement party of the daughter of a local restaurant owner who we have known for years. We have no idea of the protocol involved re. giving a present. We obviously don't want to offend. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. S

    Will Meral Aksener be sent to prison or create her own party?

    I'm a supporter of Meral Aksener.......people allege she is a part of feto.....will she go to prison, for that or for later down the road, insulting a politician when she is not a part of any party at the moment?
  10. B

    Is the Labour Party anti-Semitic

    The Labour Party is increasingly anti-Semitic - Telegraph Is this Labour MP right about anti-Semitism within the Labour Party? Bill.
  11. J

    Republican Party US

    Republican says men should be allowed to grab women's nipples if they are breastfeeding in public | Americas | News | The Independent Just when I thought they could not get more barmy. Actually I think it's scary.
  12. R

    Copy Tapu 3 Party Problem?

    If some one has a copy of your Tapu can it cause any problems. Ie could they attempt to buy the property / claim ownership etc cut electricity off etc Thanks RC
  13. bickern

    Britain's biggest birthday party

    The extraordinary little details that make the Queen's official Birthday Parade so spectacular. The Birthday Parade this year takes place live on BBC1 next Saturday morning. The event known as Trooping The Colour is one of the most labour intensive days in the royal calendar Read more...
  14. Sha Hoorsur

    The Labour Party.

    Where do you think the Labour party went wrong? I think their fundamental mistake (this time) was they chose the wrong Miliband. David had far more charisma than his brother Ed, but as the party has done in the past they made the wrong choice. Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock and now Ed Miliband. Will...
  15. E

    2 armed people enter Turkey ruling party office in Istanbul

    Two armed people enter Turkish ruling party office in Istanbul: media | Reuters What's going on
  16. Yalides

    Party political NHS stance

    Polls suggest the NHS will be the key issue in the next election. Let's hear some party policies: Labour: "NHS! Our NHS! Your NHS! My NHS! NHS!" Conservatives: "..... I'm with BUPA." Lib Dems: "I of course, firmly support the NHS ever since I made up my mind about it last week. But it's so...
  17. juco

    Jack Straw suspended from the Labour party

    Breaking news: jack Straw has suspended himself from the Labour party...dont know why. Found this...
  18. Yalides

    Green party gaffes,d.cWc Only fair the tree huggers...
  19. T

    EU - Spain's Podemos Party

    Spain - The next country to watch! :) The tide may well be turning against the EU Austerity controls. "Few followed the elections in Greece as closely as Spaniards, many of whom saw in the electoral race a preview of looming elections in their country. As news broke on Sunday that Syriza had...
  20. translator

    The Mayor of Bodrum Invites Foreigners to a Christmas Party

    Very Welcoming! AND 26 December 19:00 Venue: Trafo Restuarant and Bar, Bodrum Centre The Mayor of Bodrum Municipality invites residents of the International Community to Cocktails to celebrate New Year. Bodrum'da Uluslararası topluma Yılbaşı Kokteyli ( Trafo =old Hadi Gari Bar -, find by...
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