1. immac

    Exhaust Tuning Parts

    Exhaust Tuning Parts It is nice to be able to pass on to forum members contact details for a very reliable firm. They do a range of after market parts for most cars, concentrating on the performance enhancement side of the market. Follow the link to their catalogue. I needed some particular...
  2. D

    is it legal to bring second hand car parts in for personal use?

    İ am getting conflicting opinions on this subject and am looking for advice here.. what i want to do is buy a set of second hand wheels in the uk and bring them in on the service that runs to the uk to turkey...i am no dealer it is for personal use...İ can't imagine why it is illegal but i have...
  3. Helenm150

    Import Tax on Car Parts

    Import Tax on Car Body Parts Can anyone kindly advise the tax payable on importing a car part into Turkey from the UK? :der: Genuine Seat Leon Cupra R Bumper Skirt Body Kit In Red Complete | eBay
  4. bal canavar

    No more naughty parts for 6th graders

    Genitalia wiped out of some Turkish school books. Turkey’s sixth graders now see cute animals instead of human genitalia in their school books on science, stirring a fresh 'culture clash' debate. ' According to Education No. 1 Branch President Abdullah Tunalı Counselor “We think the...
  5. T

    Kurdish protests in various parts of Turkey

    Kurds are protesting about the lack of support for Kurdish fighters in Kobani. Places are on fire. Some people have died and others injured.
  6. D

    duty on car parts brought in from abroad

    İ was wondering if anyone has experience of the costs and difficulties of bringing in new motor parts for my car--its a classic car and what i require can only be bought abroad(USA or UK)- it would be postal sized parcels.
  7. pembelu

    female Mannequin parts for sale *

    varied parts, will post actual pics up later this eve. *female underwear/swimwear bottom part/free standing flesh coloured 10tl *free standing 3/4 female body form display mannequin flesh tone 15tl *pair of female legs/bottom/hips flesh tone 25tl more to be listed once checked /cleaned &...
  8. Squeaky

    Top Turkish court annuls parts of constitutional reform package

    Good evening: The Constitutional Court rejected parts of the articles in the package that would have changed the structure of the country's top judicial bodies, including the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors, or HSYK, Kılıç said in a news conference. Top...
  9. S

    Boat Parts from the UK

    Hi to Everyone, I am looking for advice to get a sail back into Turkey (marmaris) from the UK. The sail was returned to UK for modification under waranty, and I have been told that I will be charged at customs when it is returned. Does anyone know if this is true, or know of an agent that could...
  10. Ms Who

    Missing Parts?

    Lo all, Just a little warning for all of you with missing bits like me!! I had a really scary Christmas as I was seriously ill, partly because Im a chocoholic and partly because I no longer have a gall bladder! Its the subject of my column this week (Christmas Daze) so I wont duplicate the...
  11. merlin

    Theres some big Carp around these parts....

    All the Turks that I have ever fished with always fish on the bottom. They thought I was some sort of nutter using floating crust. Funnily enough, with their bamboo stick setup and doing the bottom, they were pulling in a few and decent sizes around the 3 kilo mark. The crust worked on a...
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