1. mollag

    A devils partnership ?.

    I am getting an uneasy feeling that maybe The Trump has been "at it" with Russia, he wont be embracing Communism soon but maybe he has been "insider trading" with the Putin, new Spheres of Interest agreements maybe? :hmm:
  2. zack-of-NY

    Partnership offer-truffles

    Black Perigord(south of France) Truffles are known to be the "Black Diamonds" of kitchen. Last year wholesale mark up was €1,300.00/kg. World supplies are as follows: %45 by France, %35 by Spain and %20by Italy. Although there are some minor successful cultivated production in...
  3. Ms Who

    MJ's Sale or Partnership

    Lo all, Seen MJ this morning and she said she is looking to a) take on a partner or b) sell the business, but she would be happy to stay on in the kitchen. She is a great cook and its always packed out for Sunday lunch. She also kept us going through winter evenings last year. It's only been...
  4. Firefox

    Going into Partnership

    I am contemplating Starting a small Tourism related business with a Turkish guy, his is putting up half of the money and me the other. Has any of you are currently in partnership with Turks, or done business with them? What would you say Ye or Nay. :animation
  5. KKOB

    Heterosexual Couple Refused Civil Partnership

    A couple who want to become the first heterosexuals in Britain to have a civil partnership said they would begin a legal challenge after a council refused their request today . Heterosexual couple begin legal fight after being refused civil partnership | Life and style |
  6. J

    Tour Operator Partnership

    Can anyone give me any advice on marketing the rental of 150 apartments (whole holiday village) through a local tour operator in Bodrum so that there is exposure to both European or Local tourists? Does anyone know who the best contacts for this will be as there are a lot of very small rental...
  7. L

    Business partnership

    Maybe some one can help... My wife and i bought into a shoe shop business here in Alanya, there was no shop to start with so we looked for a shop to rent with our Turkish partner who already had a shoe shop in another area of Turkey with his father, We found a shop and paid 6 months rent...
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