1. newhorizon

    Airline partners and Frequent Flyer Loyalty Cards

    Does anyone else wonder why all major airlines don't group together in one loyalty scheme? I like flying with Turkish airlines so joined their MilesandSmiles Loyalty scheme, but they don't fly to some destinations I go. I fly Emirates often and collect miles on their Skywards program. But...
  2. Freedom 49

    Partners for Life.

    I saw this recently on one of David Attenborough's 'Life' documentaries. Too good not to share. :happy: BBC Nature - Clark's grebe videos, news and facts
  3. S

    Partners and TLF

    Having joined tlf 8 months ago, I have become addicted. Even though I don't always contribute, I do log on most days. Lots of the regular users mention their partners, but do they share your love of tlf, do you share the posts with them, are they interested or is it purely your "baby". James...
  4. L

    Can you translate letter for my ex partners mother?

    Hi Well i need some help in translating a letter to my ex-boyfriends mother. My turkish is not good enough to say the things i want to say. We are very close and i would like to send the below letter to her. Can anyone help me. Dear Anne, I hope you are ok, and i am sorry for missing your...
  5. N

    Inheritance law - unmarried partners

    Re: Inheritance law Dear whoever can help, I am a dutch lady, my father died nearly 1 year ago. My father was dutch lived in Holland. 4 years ago he bought a house in turkey in a village close to finike. He went ther 4 to 5 times a year for a holiday with his lady friend. He was noet married to...
  6. Mushtaq

    BC Partners to Buy Turkey's Migros for $3.2 Billion

    By Seda Sezer and Edward Evans Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- BC Partners Ltd. agreed to buy Migros Turk TAS, Turkey's largest supermarket chain, for about $3.2 billion in the country's biggest-ever leveraged buyout. The London-based buyout firm will acquire 51 percent of Migros Turk for 1.98 billion...
  7. T

    Investment Partners wanted

    careful with your money? dont want to risk it all in one go? not enough for the place you want? want to get in on the price rises? dont want to miss out? me too so I was thinking - 5 or 6 people could form a joint venture to buy a place - use it for rent and then sell in a few years time (eg 5...
  8. R

    starting business with turkish partners

    can anyone varify that it is easier to start a business when you have turkish partners?????? also. any pointers would be helpfull. thanks.
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