1. M

    Car ownership with Turkish partner

    I understand that as a foreigner my Turkish partner would be unable to drive my m plate car. I also realise that if I were to buy a car and register it in his name the car would be legally his. Does anyone know if it’s possible to go to a notary and get some form of document or contract drawn...
  2. G

    how do i add my partner to my tapu?

    Hi how do I go about adding my common law wife of 40 yrs to my tapu? Cant find the relevant thread on the search link. your help appreciated.
  3. catweazle

    I need a new partner i killed the last 2

    WTF Turkish man who killed two wives seeks new partner on TV show - LOCAL
  4. J

    Monies sent but kept by Turkish Business Partner

    Malcolm merwin t/a top overseas properties arrested alleged fraudulent misrepesentation and theft oldham police crime ref.136841a/13. Iam also in the process of bankrupting him insolvency no.02i3 of 2013 in the oldham county court.
  5. bickern

    Partner Abuse leads to death

    When a man beats a woman and she retaliates and harms/kills him a great deal of sympathy is given to her and many groups are vocal in support. Many women also receive a lenient sentence, so it will be interesting to find out how much support this guy gets and how the media will report it...
  6. D

    Can i be a silent partner?

    My Turkish wife is looking around for a partner for our business to comply with Turkish requirements and i am wondering if i can be nominated as a 'silent' partner? it would be a nominal 1pc holding.--my status is as RP holder.
  7. lilacdiana

    Meeting my S I L's Turkish Partner

    Well today we met my sister in laws Turkish partner for the first time. She has been with him for 3 years living in Turkey but he came over for Christmas and New Year having been granted a Visa! He is a lovely man who is not a toy boy (my sister in law is 53 ) and he is 1 year younger. He...
  8. Leyley

    Tapu change after death of partner

    I would really appreciate some advice concerning change of name on a tapu after my husband's death. It would be helpful if someone could outline the procedure to change the tapu solely to my name. The property tapu was in both our names and we had both UK and Turkish wills leaving the...
  9. M

    leaving a violent partner

    a friend of mine wants to leave her violent partner and has asked me if she can stay in my apartment with her two children who he has also abused. what we need to know is if she goes on the 90 day visa how would she re -new it, or if she were to get a residence permit how would she go about it...
  10. F

    Turkish partner

    :474cu: ok right to the point you hear of lots of ladies having turkish men partners but you dont hear of many english or european men having turkish ladies having english or european men as a partner so come on guys lets hear from you i love my turkish lady and only wish i had met her the first...
  11. Sunny Seasider

    Christmas Pressies for your Partner?

    You don't have to be a Golden Girl, but it's a long time since we had a plea, and I'm trying to help Juco out here. So, the question is what does a man buy for the love of his life for Christmas. What would you like to open on Christmas morning to a very pleasant surprise? Come on, let's try...
  12. D

    marrying my partner of 3 years

    I have now been with my turkish partner for three years, one of which we have spent 'getting round' to organising a wedding in the kuşadasi area of turkey. I have no idea where to start, what it costs, what you need (documents and people over there). Also if there is anything else i should be...
  13. C

    Marrying my turkish Partner

    I have a turkish partner i have been dating for a few weeks and he is still in turkey and as mad as it may sound, we have fallen in love with each other and we really want to get married asap. I need to know 2 things - where is easier to get married - me going over there or him coming here? and...
  14. raven

    Citizenship/Residents Permit when married to Turkish partner

    Hi I understand that Citizenship when married to a Turkish partner is now a 3 year wait. I would love to hear from anyone who has gone through the procedure as married to a Turkish partner. My questions are 1. When should i apply do I wait the 3 years or do I apply straight away? 2. When...
  15. aussie

    Jogging Partner - Bitez Beach

    In fitting with my proactive theme today... Is anyone in Bitez interested in being jogging buddies at 10 min mile pace :) Kind Regards, Aussie in Bodrum
  16. Mushtaq

    PKK leader devising plan to partner Turkey

    Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned leader of the outlawed PKK, will soon reveal a four-step 'road map' that would solve the Kurdish issue, his lawyers say. Ocalan will propose that Turkey create 'strategic alliances' with the Kurds, his lawyers told the Hürriyet daily on Saturday in an interview...
  17. Mushtaq

    Looking for an active partner for CrescentHomes

    I am looking for a partner in CrescentHomes office based in Altinkum, it would suite someone who is either living there or is moving there in the near future. Please PM me only if you are genuinely interested and not just inquisitive.
  18. LyndaW

    working partner in yalikavak

    i saw this thread a couple of hours ago and now can not find it .....can anyone help. Lynda x
  19. W

    Turkish Partner?

    Is there any ladies on here with a Turkish Partner?
  20. M

    Joint partner in Turkey

    Afternoon all been a member for about 1 year now but only posted 1 thread so far. Alittle about myself i have a home in Altinkum that i bought about 2 years ago although the first home was an apartment in nov 04, I live at present in England but am thinking of relocating in Turkey sometime next...
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