1. S

    bringing parrots to Turkey

    Has anyone had an experience in bringing birds to Turkey? Have a friend who would like to spend 4-5 months here each year, and would want to bring her 2 parrots (and dog as well, but info available about that already) with her for the length of the stay. Did you bring them over by car or plane...
  2. D


    Hi can anyone tell me if thier are parrot breeders in the mugla area as i would like to purchase a young parrot:roundgrin
  3. C

    Parrots from UK to Turkey

    Hi to all, thinking of coming to Turkey to live but must bring my African grey parrot does anyone know how this is done and what sort of cost is envolved.
  4. peter the postie

    Parrots vol 2

    I bought myself a pair of Senegal parrots just before christmas. I didn't expect them to settle in as quickly as they have. The hen laid 3 eggs which have all hatched this week :) I put a couple of vids on you tube, including one of the cock bird feeding the young which I think is very rare...
  5. peter the postie


    Does anybody keep parrots? .. or know somebody that does? I'm asking because Iv'e put together a parrot forum site & could use a few members to give it a kick start. Here's the link Parrot nest
  6. merlin

    Bringing Parrots into Turkey....

    Found this posted elsewhere.... maybe will come in handy sometime. What a nightmare. A few notes of caution from someone who has found quite a few problems importing parrots into Turkey. At the beginning of summer season, I imported an African grey and a blue and gold macaw. I started the...
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