1. yalimart

    Baroness Butler-Sloss - pedos in parliament

    Is this woman the right woman to head an inquiry into decisions that were partly made by her late brother ? I have no reason to doubt her integrity but I believe her selection will cast doubt on the integrity of the inquiry. I am against her. Martin
  2. superpp

    Euro Parliment Vid

    The Genius of Mutual Indebtedness - Nigel Farage - YouTube Euro Titanic?
  3. Ms Who

    Parliment Decision

    Regarding the suspension of TAPUs, the case has now been heard in parliment and they are now sending notification to the TAPU Managers throughout the county with the changes on foreign land purchase, percentage of build and land near military areas - the following is in Turkish and my...
  4. lorraine

    3rd oct parliment reconvenes

    Looks like the Turkish government will be very busy come 3rd October will so many bills to deal with, one of which includes dealing with the vetoed law on defrosted land(?) ANKARA - Turkish Daily News 28th September A heavy workload is in store for Parliament when it reconvenes on Oct. 3...
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