1. bickern

    Parliament was key for Atatürk

    Parliament was key for Atatürk on the road to the republic. The decision of modern Turkey’s founder to open the first legislature despite the ongoing War of Independence was critical in setting the country on the path to becoming a republic, according to Professor Tülay Alim Baran. “While...
  2. Tenpin

    European Parliament mulls allowances for home-working MEPs Most MEPs are working remotely given the pandemic. The European Parliament is debating whether to retain MEP daily allowances, even when they work remotely from home. The daily €323 lump sum is meant to cover things like hotel bills and meals...
  3. Tenpin

    Brawl erupts in Turkish parliament over Syria military action Fighting broke out in Turkey's parliament after an MP criticised President Erdogan over the country's military intervention in Syria. Engin Ozkoc, an opposition lawmaker, accused the...
  4. juco

    Houses of parliament

    Xmas presents.
  5. bal canavar

    MP's to face a fine if they use the name ‘Kurdistan’ in Parliament

    Members of the Turkish Parliament will have to pay fines if they use the word “Kurdistan” in Parliament, according to proposed changes to the parliamentary bylaws. The draft version of the bylaws, agreed by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)...
  6. bickern

    Capital punishment to soon be brought to parliament

    If it happened, bang would go Turkey joining the EU. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Turkey’s parliament cannot stay indifferent to the “public demand” for the death penalty, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, reiterating that he would approve the bill...
  7. yalimart

    Parliament to close

    6 years of funding an Islamic bond, and it's a dry house. MPs To Move Out Of Houses Of Parliament MPs To Move Out Of Houses Of Parliament Martin
  8. teosgirl

    Dutch parliament calls on EU to freeze Turkey funds

    Dutch Parliament calls on EU to freeze funds for Turkey Well, the EU deal might be over before it began. Charlotte
  9. C

    Ongoing Brawls in Parliament

    Mass brawl in Turkish parliament over controversial police bill | World news | The Guardian
  10. T

    European Parliament urges Turkey to respect freedom of press

    The European Parliament has criticized the Dec. 14, 2014 operation against TV stations and newspapers with alleged links to Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, in a joint motion that is set to be voted on Jan. 15, also recalling that “a free and pluralistic press is an essential component of any...
  11. teosgirl

    Draft omnibus bill taken to Parliament

    Two new interesting developments in the governments attack on people's rights and freedoms this week. Turkish government to give more rights to the police - LOCAL ?Public morality? to become condition for Turkish citizenship - LOCAL It will be interesting to see what the morality clause is...
  12. shirleyanntr

    punch-up in Parliament

    yet another disgraceful episode in Parliament when a MHP member was attacked by a Akp mps when he asked questions about Turkmen in İraq who are having a bad time with İS The AKP men are simply following the example of their leader and his deputy who were filmed attacking mourners during the...
  13. yalimart

    Baroness Butler-Sloss - pedos in parliament

    Is this woman the right woman to head an inquiry into decisions that were partly made by her late brother ? I have no reason to doubt her integrity but I believe her selection will cast doubt on the integrity of the inquiry. I am against her. Martin
  14. bickern

    Controversial Internet bill passed by Parliament

    A controversial law on the regulation of Internet news portals and websites was accepted by a majority of the votes in Parliament in a session held late on Wednesday, leading to concerns over Internet freedom and people's right of access to information. According to the changes, the...
  15. J

    Another punch up in the turkish parliament

    Just been watching the goings on today in the parliament....,honestly, its great entertainment.......Muharrem Ince (physics teacher, CHP MP for Yalova) getting into the PM and the PM, God bless him :-) , getting annoyed in return....... This newspaper report just doesnt do it justice. Id love to...
  16. M

    Turkish parliament curtails army powers

    BBC News - Turkey parliament curtails army powers
  17. K

    Petition for expats to be represented in UK parliament

    I have heard it said that some expats feel excluded from having their democratic say. Can't vote in the country they live in (unless they become a citizen), and have restricted voting rights back in the UK. An expat in Spain is proposing that expats everywhere should have MPs to represent them...
  18. bickern

    Parliament passes bill on sale of real estate to foreigners

    Parliament on Thursday passed a bill concerning the sale of land to foreigners by eliminating the reciprocity requirement and increased the limit on foreign buyers to 30 hectares. The Ministry of Defense is also expected to prepare a map of restricted areas, military zones and strategic areas...
  19. Steve Bostanli

    Freed Turkish journalist addresses the European Parliament

    Freed journalist Ahmet Şık addressed the Liberal Democrat group of the European Parliament, with a excellent address to the group of lawmakers. Hopefully he will not be put back in jail on his return for speaking the truth. POLITICS - Freed Turkish journalist at European Parliament
  20. Squeaky

    Parliament sides with villagers against military over evacuation

    Good afternoon: The following is a link to an article concerning the attempt by the Naval Base at Aksas to take over land/beach in the village of Sultaniye in Köyceğiz which has apparently been going on for many years. The interesting thing to me is that is one of the first times I have ever...
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