1. SonnyJim

    Bodrum off airport parking

    Hi! Any recommendations for off airport parking near Bodrum airport?! Thanks in advance x
  2. oldfogy

    Off-site airport parking

    Has anyone any information on Off-site airport parking for East Midlands airport, obviously I have seen the usual on-site parking sites but looking for something cheaper as I usually go out for a couple of months at a time.
  3. S

    Hands free parking

    As Europe's official worst parallel parker I have decided that the next new car I buy (in Spain) will have automatic parking assist Now I have watched videos of this and it seems a mixture of cool, magical, but also terrifying as it seems totally unnatural to let go of the steering wheel...
  4. Leo

    Hotel & Parking combo at Dalaman airport

    Hi Peeps and Happy New Year. We have a very early flight out of Dalaman booked for early Feb, so would like to hotel overnight before and park the car at the airport. I can't seem to get any info/options at the moment - Just Asia Parking. anyone got any ideas/experience and could help with...
  5. mollag

    Neat parking.

    Not many wide roads on the IOM, one wide cow width with passing places is fairly common, no dual carriageways at all. Some folk though like to make their own passing spaces,--this from Friday on the Archallagan road. Sad to report that both vehicles sport local reg plates. :der: [/IMG]
  6. Alexander

    Long term parking in Marmaris.

    Sorry, this was posted on Marmaris forum but I got no reply. Maybe I have more luck here? I am planning to go to Rhodes for a week or so. Can anybody tell me where I could park my car without spending too much? Any roadside municipal parking maybe? Just to make an example: when I went to Samos...
  7. Alexander

    Long term parking in Marmaris

    Hello to all Marmarians. I am planning to go to Rhodes for a week or so. Can anybody tell me where I could park my car without spending too much? Any roadside municipal parking maybe? Just to make an example: when I went to Samos I paid TL8/day for parking in Kusadasi. Anything alike in...
  8. oldfogy

    Offsite UK Airport parking

    I know there is at least one existing thread but that was started some 10 years ago so I thought it might be more appropriate to start a new one with up-to-date information on off-parking sites other than the on-site airport parking sites. As some of you will know search the internet for such...
  9. M

    Car parking and quad bike hire!

    So I'm driving from Marmaris to Kusadasi in July with my boyfriend. I've been to Kusadasi before but always on a coach from Marmaris. Can anyone tell me where I can park while I'm there. We're staying in the Ilayda Avantgarde Hotel on the sea front. It's the hotel above Starbucks. Also, where...
  10. B

    Dalaman Airport Parking

    Can anyone suggest secure car parking in the Dalaman Airport area where a car can be left for a couple of weeks?
  11. J

    Izmir airport car parking

    has anyone parked at the airport recently?, the website is not giving me accurate information, have been quoted 370tl for 8 days stay - seems a bit costly? The outside car park, think it's jet park are saying no availability, anyone have any other suggestions please? :307bt: jan
  12. bickern

    Parking ticket

    My wife and I went into town and visited a shop. When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. We went up to him and I said, "Come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?" He just ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I called him an "a**hole." He glared at...
  13. Alexander

    Long-term parking in Cesme

    Hello All. I am going to go to Chios for a couple of days, and I wonder if anybody can provide indications about a cheap long-term (2-3 days) parking in Cesme where I can leave my car. In Kusadasi, for example, a private parking is TL20/day, while the municipal parking (along the roadside) is...
  14. N

    Taşucu/Silifke parking space

    Hello, I plan to drive to the Mersin area in the near future. Does anyone know of a commercial parking lot or garage by any chance in the towns of Silifke or Taşucu where I could rent a parking space long term? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. rk
  15. B

    Parking fine payment

    Hi wonder if any one can advise. We got a parking ticket when visiting oludeniz, didn't realise we had illegally parked! Does any one know how we pay the fine, do we have to travel back to oludeniz or can we pay it locally here in Koycegiz where we live. Thanks Brenda
  16. Alexander

    Samos ferry and parking

    Hello All. I am planing a trip to Samos, and I would like to ask a couple of questions. First, where does the ferry depart from? Is it the same big port where the cruise liners dock, or should I go to another place? Second, where can I park the car? I am going to pass three nights in Samos, so...
  17. F

    Ferry parking advice please!

    Hello all, I was looking for advice on car parking for the ferry at Turgutries. We need to park for a couple of weeks, and I know that D-Marin charge 15TL per day to use their car park at the ferry terminal, and that they offer no reduction for long-term parking (like you get at airports)...
  18. beyazbayan

    Parking made easier

    Camera that'll see off the rear view mirror: Drives will be able to see footage from a camera mounted on the back of the car. Well that just may help as parking and reversing for me is a real problem due to the fact the manufacturer has placed the sterring wheel at the front of the car and my...
  19. D

    Parking up in Bulgaria

    Hello All, I wonder if anybody can offer advice please. I'm looking at buying a motorbike in the UK, doing a European tour on it and then entering Turkey with it and keeping it here for six months. After the six months I would park it at a friends in Bulgaria. My question is as a resident in...
  20. janA

    Izmir airport long term parking

    We are flying from Izmir airport with FLYPGS in February and back 11 days later and i have just been looking into their long term parking fees. It says on their website 15 days 128 lira but when you put a calculation in for 11 days it comes up at 262 lira which is a tad expensive. I have...
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