1. Camden

    New Theme Park opened today

    Opened today a $400 million theme park in Ankara on 1.3 million square meters of land . Entrance will be free on 31st election day . A bit of a change from your normal old Luna Park...
  2. bickern

    'Meow Park' opens doors to stray cats

    In the city of Mersin, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, "Meow Park" has opened as the first park in the country made exclusively for cats. Complete with a playground designed for kittens and barriers that protect cats from canines, the venue also provides accommodations for animals. Built on an...
  3. juco

    Fire at Didim aqua park.

    Link to voices below: Fire hits Didim Aqua Park | Voices Newspaper
  4. K

    Golden park rental

    Hi everyone.. Hope you are all well 😆 I'm looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment To rent for august 15th until 5th September, can anyone help please. I had a booking with a lovely lady but unfortunately she cancelled yesterday.. Any help would be appreciated xx
  5. suzyq

    Turkey Peaceful Park operation

    Turkish police launched the “Turkey Peaceful Park” operation simultaneously across 81 provinces on July 23 with the participation of 7,968 police officers to “ensure the peace of citizens in the parks,” state-run Anadolu Agency reported. The operation has seen the inspection of 4,382 parks...
  6. Mushtaq

    Five electrocuted at water park in Turkey

    Five people, including two teenagers and a 12-year-old, have been electrocuted in a water park in north-western Turkey. The three children were struck by an electrical current in a swimming pool at the park, in the town of Akyazı, Sakarya province, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported. The...
  7. kibris

    Van attack at Finsbury Park Mosque

    Now a van attack on people leavıng the fınsbury park mosque London Finsbury Park Mosque: Van mows through pedestrians as casualties reported | UK | News |
  8. B

    Car Port in complex car park:

    Hi All, A property owner, has built a car port for personal use within our communal car park and without permission. What is the legal position on this. Thanks
  9. S

    Tuzla Park Resort

    Hi all, a friend of ours is wanting to sell his apartment on the Tuzla Park Resort, first phase, 2 bedroom, never been used, part furnished, unfortunately camera has decided to delete all the pics so can't give photos at the minute! If anyone would be interested let me know, he's looking for...
  10. C

    Discovery Park

    Has anyone been to the Discovery Park? I thought the price was outrageous today, they wanted 240trl entry per person
  11. HelenSnowball

    Never Park in a Disabled spot...

    Driver in a disabled bay in Brazil finds car has been covered in post-it notes | Daily Mail Online Hahaha!
  12. B

    Golden Park

    Rental required on golden park penthouse if possible early June for two weeks Richard
  13. R

    Vita Park Golf Course

    Hi - can anyone tell me if the golf course has opened up again or not? Cheers .................. Anne
  14. bickern

    How to park a boat

    Ok, it's not a boat and you don't park them but!!!!!
  15. keny

    Aegean park hotel/club dorado hotel

    We are thinking of booking an all inclusive at either of these hotels - one of us needs disabled assistance. Does anyone have any information on either as to how good they are? Thanks if you can help Keny.
  16. B

    Tuzla park lake resort Property

    I have a brand new 2 bed 2 bath fully furnished all white goods never been used apartment on Tuzla park lake resort and would sell for £40k not getting time to use it so would sell. Any interest please send Pm and I will send photos
  17. Sweetnighter

    Yali park development

    NEW SHOPPING MALL DEVELOPMENT ADJACENT TO GARANTI BANK ROUNDABOUT.........another sign of the continuing upwardly mobile development of YALIKAVAK.
  18. suzyq

    Turkey's first beach library opens in Fethiye park

    The beach library, which is the first one in Turkey, has opened in Kumburnu Nature Park in the western province of Muğla’s town of Fethiye. In the opening of the library, Muğla Governor Mustafa Hakan Güvençer said that all tourists on the beach would be able to use the books in the library for...
  19. T

    Family's car bursts into flames in lion enclosure at Longleat Safari Park

    How scary! Car bursts into flames in lion enclosure at Longleat Safari Park - AOL Travel UK
  20. hijo

    Degirmen Park

    a nice day out on Sunday..
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