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    Are there any paragliding/ paramotoring pilots going to Altinkum/ Akbuk After the 31st of July. I am taking my wing there this summer to play around with and would love to meet up with fellow enthusiasts .
  2. K

    paragliding again :-)

    :14: iam sitting here in chilly scotland :14: and have just edited my latest paragliding video so thought idd share it again:362jf: of course now i want to be back over there flying again:robot: ulo deniz summer 2012 - YouTube
  3. K

    paragliding olu deniz

    hi all :3: just thought id post my latest video of me flying :48: iam back in scotland at the mo:14: and hoping to be back over next month :362jf: here is the link summer 2012a - YouTube
  4. J

    Paragliding Alanya

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had a contact for paragliding in Alanya? Would love to try it this summer!
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    Had my first paragliding lesson in south Wales yesterday. Great fun,I have wanted to try it for some time now,but made a promise to myself to get out and try it this year. I did not think I would go up on first lesson but yes about 20mts up, flew down the mountain then I had to walk back up did...
  6. arrian

    Paragliding death in Side

    Daughter sees father fall to death in Turkish parasailing accident - Telegraph
  7. TurkeyPropertyCentre

    Paragliding FAQ

    Re: Olu Deniz review....
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