1. L

    Parador Properties -Any info?

    Do they have a franchise or new business registered or offices please? I know the mother company in UK went bust August 2008, I understand they still have a branch in Spain and possibly UAE/Dubai. Just wondered if they were still active in this area?? Thanks:blowkiss:
  2. P

    Parador - present

    With Parador going into liquidation. I believe they set up a new company and changed their name. Does anyone know what they are called. I was told by someone a year ago in Altinkum who had problems with everything using Parador that they set up as Polaris. Is this true? If not, I stand to...
  3. M

    Parador UK - please read if you have bought from parador

    We were making a query with regard to our recent purchase and received the memorandum below from Parador properties indicating that Parador Uk have gone into 'voluntary administration' Memorandum-Parador Properties Turkey Dear Client, As your overseas agent in Turkey, in consideration...
  4. P

    Parador - administration

    I posted a new thread a few days ago but it doesn't appear to have registered. Tghis was fore information purposes only, but Parador UK have gne into administration. The Didum office has closed and the Gulluk office is closing at the end of the month. The informatio0n cme to me from two sources...
  5. Pennie


    Just been told Parador have gone into voluntary liquidation??? Pennie xx
  6. Ms Who


    Voices have just added a flash update on Parador. Not much more to it than was discussed on here yesterday but there is an official statement from the company.
  7. N

    whats happened to parador?

    was told by an estste agent this morning that parador properties had allegedly had bank pull funding. have since phoned parador , and they told me that things are changing etc. something has happened but they were not going to tell me apart from the fact that the offices will probably be moving...
  8. N

    parador properties

    hi all, just a general question, were thinking of doing a viewing trip with the above but have seen a few odd comments on here in the past. anyone know what this company is like?
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