1. Camden

    Paradise Papers

    More sleaze with the biggest data leak, exposing all the hidden wealth including Turkish PM'S family, Trump, and Putin link Russian state institutions with close ties to Vladimir Putin funded substantial investments in Twitter and Facebook through a business associate of Jared Kushner, in...
  2. suzyq

    Hidden paradise welcomes visitors in northern Aegean

    With a past that stretches back to antiquity, Çanakkale’s Yeşilyurt village is drawing more and more interest from tourists eager to sample its natural beauty and view its old stone houses. With its unspoiled nature and old stone houses, the Yeşilyurt village on the skirts of the Kaz Mountains...
  3. Mushtaq

    Princes' Islands: Turkey's forgotten garden paradise

    By David Wheeler 7:00AM GMT 13 Jan 2014 If you're going to Turkey, make sure to visit the Princes' Islands: an unspoilt archipelago just a few miles from bustling Istanbul I hadn't expected distinctive Thirties architecture. Nor had I foreseen so many trees, or so many reminders of Nantucket...
  4. Z


    It hasn't just been the weather that has dampened my families mood ....particularly that of my daughter's......over the past few months. We have all missed not being at our beloved home here at Akbuk, but now we are back and everything is right once again with the World........and daughter...
  5. Yalides

    When paradise on earth came to a sudden end

  6. D

    what part of Kusadasi is Paradise beach in?

    anyone know the part of kusadasi this beach is in? a turkish person i met said it was lovely but he didnt give me the areas name so i can look for property there.
  7. So

    Paradise Hairdresser

    Regulars at Paradise Hair/Beauty Salon (between Migros and Ege road); the salon and part of the staff has moved. Paradise Hairdresser is now situated in Altinkum, in the side street from Golf Bar just up the road from Delicious sandwich shop. Most of the team is intact - Nihal (English speaking...
  8. D

    Roads to Paradise!!!

    Anyone give me a update on the roads in and out of Yalikavak and around Gumuskaya, i'm going to be there in a couple of weeks and driving at night from the airport. :3:
  9. ceemac

    'My Stay In Paradise

    Article from Ireland waxing lyrically about Belek; 'IT is said that compromise is the key to any successful relationship. If that's true, I'd urge the conflicted couples of Ireland to zone in on the Turkish resort of Belek when indulging in their annual "where should we go on holidays?"...
  10. lolabean

    Vow of silence

    Hi, New to forum as in posting, have been viewing for a while with interest. My family have purchased a property in Turkey , although it now seems a distant memory. They went to view lots of places took advice, did all their homework, thought they`d gone about it with caution then finally took...
  11. A

    Purchase of an apartment

    I have recently bought an apartment in Paradise Bay Resort.I paid the money in Feburary. Despite all promises, I still have not received my contract. Is anyone in a similar situation??? Please reply, as i am very worried:17::wow::37::boohoo::boohoo::boohoo:
  12. N

    Port Atami: Small marina in Paradise Bay near Golkoy

    We came across Port Atami while cruising around the Bodrum Peninsula. It is located in Paradise Bay (also known as Comca Mevkii or Ilica Buku). We stayed there for a few nights just to have a feel of the location. The bay is actually a natural marina - no disturbing waves despite strong winds...
  13. rvanbaelen

    Paradise Bay resort

    Under Olive gardens there's a topic called 'Paradise Bay resorts'. Can this become a separate forum under 'Akbuk forums' ??
  14. rvanbaelen

    Paradise Bay resort

    Someone here who already invested in the new Paradise Bay Resort apart hotel // shopping mall in Akbuk ?? Someone got more information about this project ?
  15. S

    paradise bay resort Akbuk

    does anyone know anything about a new 5 star apart-hotel planned for Akbuk bay called paradise bay resort. it is going to be a front line beach complex due for completion in may 2011. i can't find any information about this project other than from the UK agent who you are able to purchase, off...
  16. B

    Trouble in paradise

    Hello everyone. I need some help. I, and others in the UK, bought apartments off plan - Waterside - about 15 mins walk outside of Dalaman. They were scheduled for completion, wait for it, in December 2006. Still not finished. It is becoming apparent that the developer has run out of cash...
  17. KKOB

    Romania - A Biker's Paradise?

    Well worth taking a look at properties here if you're a biker!
  18. bobthenob

    lost paradise

    Ever since l came to Turkey,l felt a sixth sense of being close to a lost paradise.This paradise l am referring to is the garden of Eden,somewhere in the northern part of lraq,and the eastern part of Turkey. I have always had this curiosity as to where we originated from and why a certain part...
  19. niyaz

    Part of my paradise in Dalaman

    Well people i am flying to Dalaman tomorrow for two weeks and isn't life so Beautiful and then when you come back life becomes a bitch and then you die untill you go back again.
  20. N

    Anyone dealt with Paradise homes???

    Paradise homes(altinkum) any info??? Hi was just wondering if any of you lovely people have heard of the emlack paradise homes and if so have you heard any bad reports about them. This would help me alot. thanx :pressie:
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