1. Tenpin

    Redcar cyber-attack: Council using pen and paper

    Redcar cyber-attack: Council using pen and paper More than 135,000 UK residents have been without online public services for nearly a week, as their council struggles with a cyber-attack. Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council's website and all...
  2. T

    Official paper for transferring bank signatories

    Dear members We have recently taken over as managers of our apartment block and as so often happens have received no help at all from the turkish man who previously occupied this position. We have been to the bank to take his name off the account for the apartment block, complete with a copy...
  3. juco

    Toilet paper

    Does anyone know where you can buy toilet paper that has the individual sheets numbered?
  4. northpole

    ls The Voice Paper Suppressed?

    l have recently been searching out some articles the Voice paper published and they are no where to be is like they were deliberately taken off the papers archives. l have also noticed how the paper is printing news that doesn't print the scams like they used to. ls the Voice paper told...
  5. N

    Toilet paper can cause serious damage???

    Yesterday we woke up to find out our drainage pipe had blocked and the waste water and, well... sh*t... from our apartment and the one upstairs was coming back up through our drains and toilets! Our landlord sent over a rather useless plumber, who tried to put acid down and instead ended up...
  6. djmagic

    using Toilet Paper in Turkey

    so the big question is do you flush.... is your system up to the job? if you do not flush and simply bin it do you use any special equipment chemicals etc . or do you just bag it up??? im sure many of you wont answer but to those that do Many Thanks:hmm:
  7. T

    Thai handmade paper

    Shortly leaving Fethiye and cannot take all with me so thought there may be someone out there interested in handmade paper. I have aprox 45 thin sheets of handmade paper I bought in Thailand in natural white. The sheets measure aprox 57cms x 75cms. I also have some turkish handmade felt pieces...
  8. M

    car tax the paper work

    Where do you find the paperwork/prove, to prove a car is taxed I purchased a new car and was told it was taxed, but cannot find reference to it in the registration papers
  9. T

    Military paper

    Can anyone help to translate the following : asagida kimligi yazili yukumlunun, askerlik islemleri yonunden bir sakincasi yoktur I know what it means, but am unable to put it into meaningful english. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  10. Fuzzy

    Actual " Title Deed " paper ?

    After going through numerous threads here l'm still wondering .... Do you not actually get a title deed for your property in Turkey as you would in another country ? l understand that the Tapu is basically confirming that your name is down as the registered owner of the property in the land...
  11. christella

    the old green paper license

    are they still valid in britain i have one and was told i had to apply for the new 10 year ones
  12. P

    Ebru - Paper Marbling.

    Last week while on a visit to Muğla, İ came across Ebru, the art of paper marbling. There was a girl selling her pictures for very little. They were very beautiful. I was interested and looked up Ebru on You Tube. İt looks fascinating and İ would love to try it. Does anyone know if there are...
  13. M

    Expats and toilet paper

    Expats selling up and flushing toilet paper ,I love this Forum long may we keep on flushing all the subjects down the toilet . Mike :gathering:rockon::blah:
  14. J

    Flushing toilet paper

    Hello everyone, Can someone please clear up the confusion for me that you can or cannot flush toilet paper down the loo in Turkey. More accurately Asem Prestige, Altinkum, where I have an apartment. Many Thanks to you all Regards Tony
  15. bobthenob

    The Voices Newspaper

    Over the pass year,l have read some comments critizing the voice paper on how they investigate their seems the voice paper can’t win on what they print on some occasions and this l find is somewhat rather close minded from the readers when all they are trying to do is to get the exact...
  16. ted j

    Old "paper" driving licence

    Just a quickie, does anyone know if my old stlye English driving licence will be ok in Turkey, for 6 months, or will I have to change it for one of the newer type (with photo on )? . Ted
  17. ceemac

    Russian paper: Suicide bombers trained in Turkey

    An article published in the Russian daily newspaper Kommersant has alleged that nearly 30 suicide bomber commandos received education at a madrasa in Turkey. Here C
  18. K

    Flushing toilet paper

    Hi, We've bought a place on Turquoise, Lake Tuzla, which was built by Artev. We have recently been told by our management company that none of us should flush loo paper down the toilets as they will become blocked. Now, obviously, we would expect that with older buildings in established towns...
  19. D

    bodrum area paper

    Morning everyone, Just returned from Fethiye area and just won dered if their is an online paper like landoflights that covers Fethiye for the Bodrum patch. Regards, Jamie
  20. bobthenob

    Making paper airplanes

    This design of a paper airplane,l have always loved ever since l was a little boy.My dad showed me how it was done and how to hold it for the plane to fly far. l have spent years trying to remember how this plane was made,ever since my dad taught me how to make it.And at last l have found it...
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