1. Spurs


    It was not so long back that the investigative programme Panorama covered Tower Hamlets following complaints of dodgy dealings. The allegations related to funding everything & anything that was non "Christian". Of course it was denied by the Bangladeshi local authority leader..............well...
  2. P

    Panorama Restaurant Geris

    We went with friends to this Restarant last night . The views from up there are stunning. We hadn't booked so I suppose we were lucky to get a table. The strange thing is. . . We have been there 3 times now and each time they have told us that they are very sorry but Chicken is off the...
  3. T

    Panorama & news care homes

    I just watched Panorama about care homes for the elderly in the UK it has also been on the BBC news. It is dreadful poor elderly vulnerable people are treated in such a terrible way. It is so distressing it was very difficult to watch. These poor elderly people have no human rights, no civil...
  4. H

    Panorama, Britain's Secret Terror Force

    Any one see this? Are we surprised that there were undercover forces given carte blanche to take out known I R A activists? Scary and very controversial stuff!
  5. Helenm150

    Panorama Court, Gumusluk

    Hi all, I viewed a garden apartment at Panorama Court today - well just the garden actually as keys were not available - my first impressions were favourable - its maybe a little bit rustic (lots of wood) for my taste but the complex was nice and peaceful with a nice pool and well established...
  6. tomc1984

    Panorama Restaurant Geris

    Just been up to the panorama restaurant in Geris, the most wonderful views of Yali, fantastic. Murat, the owner is a really nice guy andf hopefully will have a full menu soon. The dearest thing on the menu was a lamb casserole at 22tL. Out of Yali on the turgetreis road, at the sign for Geris...
  7. R

    Didim-Altinkum in panorama

    D?D?M - ALTINKUM PANORAMA PROJES?' Hi use Harita on the lefthand side to go anywhere in Didim-Altinkum. Happy looking.
  8. tomc1984

    Shocking panorama programme Undercover Care

    Absolutely speechless, angry etc. after watching horrifying panorama undercover programme. Let's hope criminal charges are brought. BBC iPlayer - Panorama: Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed
  9. peter the postie

    Panorama probe the Glazers

    Oh dear Man U
  10. peter the postie

    Panorama.. Can't deliver, wont deliver

    Did anyone see last nights programme on the royal mail? Pretty damn accurate I'd say. BBC iPlayer - Panorama: Can't Deliver, Won't Deliver
  11. Sweetnighter

    Panorama Pasanda

    I've just been on the Yalikavak Belediye website and came across a restaurant in Geris called PANORAMA PASANDA ...any one been there ?Can anyone put it on "wikimapia".... Views look amazing!
  12. v6cod

    Lake Koycegiz Panorama

    This was taken on Christmas Day 2007 whilst we were having a BBQ. It is made up of three photographs which I have stitched together. I think is lovely I hope you do too.
  13. Miss Money Penny

    Panorama, Geris

    I would like to visit the Panorama but Now that Im not there I cant picture where it is.we have only been to our place in geris a couple of times so have a lot of exploring to do! is it walking distance from say the cimentepe or would it be worth getting a taxi from the rank near the fish...
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