1. S

    Don't panic Erik!!!!!
  2. suzyq

    Panic buttons on public buses

    Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Company (İETT), the city’s public bus authority, introduced buses with new “panic buttons” on Feb. 26. Hasan Celikdelen, head of the IETT’s IT department, said when a person presses one of the new panic buttons, it generates a signal received by the company’s...
  3. millilove76

    Panic Attacks

    Just wondering if any members suffer from them and if so how do they deal with it. Thanks in advance Rachel x
  4. arrian

    'Don't Panic!!!' Dads' Army props were

    live ammunition!!! Don't panic! Props for Dad's Army play were LIVE grenades | Mail Online
  5. Harem


    The meter reader came this afternoon to read the electricity meter. He wouldn't come in until I had shut all the dogs in the shed. Fair enough. It looked as though he had shut the gate properly, but I now know one mustn't assume these things. He read the meter and gave me the bill and after...
  6. G

    Don't Panic!

    I just read in Land of Lights that the Beladiye are to get much tougher with the granting of booze licences. Paspatur and Calis are probably going to be OK, but the whole of the rest of the town is in doubt. Think about it... no wine with your meal in the everyday market, no cold beer on the...
  7. T

    Global Market panic

    Over the past week global shares have been plummeting on fears of a US recession. The FTSE is today down over 200 points again to the 5600,s having been in the mid 6000,s not long ago and there is panic selling across the globe today led by the Japanese market earlier. The US is already in a bad...
  8. merlin

    Strong quake kills two in Turkey, sparks widespread panic....

    The fourth powerful earthquake in a week rocked the western Turkish city of Izmir early Friday, causing two deaths and keeping terrified residents on the edge, officials and reports said. The 5.9 magnitude quake struck Turkey's third-largest city around 12:40 am (2140 GMT Thursday), leading to...
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